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Home Based Workout – 5x DAY FULL BODY Strength and Hypertrophy Training Plan, where the goal is to replicate APR-20’s Gym Training Plan Objectives and Exercise Selection, but at home with minimal equipment.

Table of Contents:
  1. What this Workout Plan is, and isn’t…
  2. Workout Plan quick guidance
  3. Objectives of this plan
  4. MAR-20 HOME plan, adult/child videos & guidance
  5. Log and keep track of your workouts
  6. Suggested home Equipment
  7. Housebound challenges and wellness & training priorities
  8. Useful Training and Wellness resources

What this Workout Plan is, and isn’t…

Keeping true to AdapNation’s #HyperWorkouts physique and wellness objectives, this home-based workout plan looks to help you maintain and incrementally develop lean muscle mass, whilst not having access to heavy gym equipment.

It’s about minimum dose training volume whilst eliciting maximum muscle development, all without heavy weights, barbells, racks and machines. This is not a sweatfest. It’s not a ‘keep yourself busy’ HIIT class, where you just spin your wheels sweating, bouncing up and down in front of the TV, wanting to puke… and likely losing muscle in the process.

Nope. This is a Training Plan for men, women and children who want to train smartly and productively whilst at home. It’s about making progress from a functional conditioning, strength and muscle growth perspective, whilst also burning calories and feeling great having worked out.

It doesn’t mandate cardio, outside of a little warm up. Instead, it’s about truly challenging your muscles to strength failure, to illicit adaptation, followed by 1-2min rest between sets.

That said, it does not exclude you from additionally getting in low intensity NEAT activities, or some moderate effort steady state cardio for fitness conditioning. Moving is encouraged – do what feels right and makes you feel vibrant!

Workout Plan quick glance

WHO? Men, Women, Children 11+ & Children 7-11 (adult supported)

WHERE? At Home or Gym

EQUIPMENT? None, or with Bands/Tubes/Dumbbells (see HERE)

DURATION? 40mins (including warm up and rest periods)

HOW? Adult & Child Exercise demo videos for each exercise

WHY? Functional Strength, Muscle Development & Calorie Burn

WHEN? 3-5x Week. Pick the time(s) that work for you


Objectives of this Plan

  1. Productive home training – to illicit positive muscular, functional strength and biomechanical adaptations without gym equipment *
  2. Exercise selection flexibility – to account for skill level and available home-based equipment
  3. Minimum dose, maximum effect – low training volume but with high intensiveness per set
  4. Increase frequency & improving recovery – 5x right-sized full body routines that appropriately tax major muscle groups to support daily training and recovery
  5. Post-Failure Fatiguing techniques – Rest/Pause sets to increase maximum effective reps per session (see HERE)

NB1: Can be used for Lowering, Increasing or Maintaining Bodyweight. The critical factor to which path you take on this programme will be your diet.

NB2 *: Naturally, there are limits of what can be achieved at home and without sufficient load, especially as it relates to increasing absolute strength.

Training is NOT that important…

We’re going to get into the workout plan detail now, but beneath that, there will be some details on the real Challenges and Priorities you should be thinking about if stuck at home for an extended period of time.

Diet Choices, Sleep, Mobility, General Activity (NEAT), Time Outdoors, Mindfulness, Kindness and Keeping Busy are going to play a much bigger role on your Wellbeing, physique and mental health than a 30-40min Workout Session.

Please bear this in mind. A short bout of training is not going to undo all vices and bad habits. That said, moving with vigour and intent can have a great boost in confidence, momentum and self-love, if supplemental to other healthy habits. (see below)



AdapNation Home Workout Plan
Print Out. Don’t worry, there are mobile-friendly versions below

MAR-20 Home Workout Plan Guidance

1 Warm Up & Mobility – See below for ideas of both. 5mins of Skipping / Stationary bike is perfect
2 5-6 Exercises Per Day  – Replace each APR-20 Gym Exercise with only ONE of the options available, based on skill level or available equipment. Follow Set and Rep guidance
3 Post-Failure Training – Train to failure across each set. For exercises 2-5, include Rest/Pause sets, where in 20sec intervals, look to replicate volume of initial effort *
4 Slow Eccentrics & Mind-Muscle – Control tension throughout, especially the lowering portion of every rep. Connect and feel with the target muscle for each exercise
5 Rest Periods – Rest 1-2 mins between sets
6 Rest Days – Aim for two rest days a week, slotted in where it feels right for you. No weight training or demanding cardio efforts
7 Use HeavySet to log your workouts and measure progress.


* REST/PAUSE Explanation: Say you get 11 reps before muscle failure. Wait 20 seconds, and then look to get another 11 reps, in as few sets as possible, each with a 20 sec rest in between.

  • EX 1: 11 reps to failure, followed by another 11 reps in 20s intervals (5, 4 then 2)
  • EX 2: 14 reps to failure, followed by another 14 reps in 20s intervals (8 then 6)
  • EX 3: 10 reps to failure, followed by another 10 reps in 20s intervals (4, 3, 2 then 1)



AdapNation MAR-20 Home Workout #HyperWorkouts - Session 1
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Click the playlist button Youtube Playlist on top-right of video to view each exercise for this session. Watch videos to the end for the Child exercise demo:



AdapNation MAR-20 Home Workout #HyperWorkouts - Session 2
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Click the playlist button Youtube Playlist on top-right of video to view each exercise for this session. Watch videos to the end for the Child exercise demo:



AdapNation MAR-20 Home Workout #HyperWorkouts - Session 3
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Click the playlist button Youtube Playlist on top-right of video to view each exercise for this session. Watch videos to the end for the Child exercise demo:



AdapNation MAR-20 Home Workout #HyperWorkouts - Session 4
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Click the playlist button Youtube Playlist on top-right of video to view each exercise for this session. Watch videos to the end for the Child exercise demo:


AdapNation MAR-20 Home Workout #HyperWorkouts - Session 5
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Click the playlist button Youtube Playlist on top-right of video to view each exercise for this session. Watch videos to the end for the Child exercise demo:


Log and keep track of your training!

If you don’t measure, you can’t manage. There is no better solution than to log and track your entire Home Workout Plan within HeavySet.

NB: We’ve not created a MAR-20 HOME #HyperWokouts import for Heavyset, due to the high optionality per session. Instead, quickly log your exercises within an improvised routine.

AdapNation on HeavySet - Helping you perform Weight Lifting Gym Workout Plans
The best of both worlds – Expert Programming on the Best Weight Lifting Training App!

Suggested Equipment

This Home Workout plan can be performed exclusively without any training-specific equipment – there are bodyweight options and you can get creative with furniture for position.

However, for a very small investment, you can increase your exercise variation and intensiveness significantly with the below purchases:

  1. Looped Resistance Bands – introduce resistances across many movements
  2. Resistance Tubes with Handles – By including handles, door anchor and straps, many new  exercises can be performed
  3. Floor Sliders – These introduce some novel and challenging bodyweight movements
  4. Heavy Kettlebell (pair) – A pair of 16kg for guys or 8kg for ladies would come in handy, and can double up in many dumbbell exercises
Essential Hom Workout Equipment
Home Workout equipment essentials


If you are keen and have the budget, then these additions will add even more home-based variety:

  • Blood Flow Restriction Bands – Create more effect with the same weight for biceps, quads and calves
  • Set of Dumbbells – Dumbbells are expensive. I have a pair of adjustable Bowflex, which are pretty awesome
  • Chin Up Bar – A doorframe chin up bar is cheap, removable, and allows chin ups, pull ups and hanging movements
  • Broomstick Pole – Super cheap, and when combined with a thick Lopped Resistance Band you can do heavy deadlifts
Some useful equipment for home workouts
Some extra pieces of equipment to further expand your home workout potential

Housebound Challenges & Top Priorities

If you find yourself stuck at home for an extended period of time, as the world is currently experiencing (as of March 2020), it can be quite a tricky situation to manage from a mental and physical wellbeing perspective.

A short workout a few times a week is not a cure all. It will not undo a myriad of unhelpful or negative behaviours. It’s also a tiny percentage of your daily calorie expenditure, so will not really make a dent in any weight management or weight loss goals.

This is an important level-set. Training is a keystone habit that can flood your body with feel good hormones and generate momentum, confidence and pride. Using your body feels great. Just don’t place too much emphasis on a single training session whilst ignoring all the other big wellness rocks.

These are the biggest housebound challenges *:

*especially given the global crisis we face.

  • Significantly increased mental strain and negative rumination
  • Likelihood of significantly more screen time
  • A growing addiction to negative sensational news
  • Marked drop in non-exercise movement (NEAT)
  • Increased snacking and food consumption. Why? – boredom, proximity, comfort
  • An increased likelihood to go a Cheat Month (or longer)
  • For various reasons, the potential increase consumption of lower quality foods
  • Less opportunity to exercise

Very few of the above are made better by getting in a workout. Working out will provide you a positive bump, but only if supplemental to a wider commitment to your wellbeing during this housebound period.

Wellbeing in nature with pet

Top Wellbeing Priorities should include:

  1. Get out and walk in nature (where you can). The benefits are multiple and significant
  2. Include some mindfulness practices, to quieten, calm, destress your mind
  3. Get strict on Screen Time, Social Media and News limits and curfews (less is more)
  4. Keep busy on things that matter. Prevent boredom snacking and rumination
  5. Prioritise Nutrient Dense foods as budget and availability allow (nourishing, satiating)
  6. Use your body outside – gardening, playing with kids, outdoor exercise
  7. Ensure good sleep hygiene and 7h+ of well rested sleep. Everything is worse if under slept.
  8. Make sure exercise is adding, and not taking away from wellbeing – don’t spin your wheels on training that adds stress, feels rubbish, and does not make a positive difference to your body

On that last point of Exercise, choose what ‘training’ you do carefully. Now is not the time to do activities that stress your body out further, especially if the benefits are relatively weak.

When it comes to training, make these things the Priority:

  • Enhance Mood – Cycling, Jog, Trampoline, Frisbee, Yoga, Pilates, Stretching – get some movement in (ideally outdoors) that settles your mind and brings calm and quiet. This is more for mind than body.
  • Avoid High Stress Activities – Intense HIIT, AMRAP sessions, body destroying volume. This will just add stress, and drive catabolism (breaking down of tissue) when already stressed.
  • Quality over Quantity – Think about getting in full range of motion (ROM) movement, develop a strong mind-muscle connection, slow down eccentric portions of a lift to increase mechanical loading and generally increase intensiveness of reps versus just doing more work.
  • Mobilise – If you’re moving less and sitting more, having a few mobilisation drills to do in the evening or during the day can have a profound impact on pain and body calmness
  • NEAT vs Exercise Calories – Manage weight by moving more during the day, versus over emphasising the calorie burn potential in a short workout
  • Rest Adequately – If you train intensively – i.e. training muscles hard, then make sure you allow sufficient recovery by eating well, getting mental and physical downtime, and sleeping 7h+ per night.
  • Muscle Retention / Growth – housebound conditions will make muscle loss more likely, and lean muscle mass is correlated strongly with wellness and longevity. Combat this by focussing on activities and a lifestyle that promotes hypertrophy.
  • Fitness Conditioning – unless you are an athlete, this should not be a high priority. Get all the fitness benefits with minimum dose – such as 5 mins of skipping prior to a training session, or some gentle cycling / stationary bike

Other than that, ENJOY! 💪



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