Chilli Chicken & Prawn Salad

Calories: 449 kcal (or 329 kcal smaller portion) Macros: 76g Protein, 16g Carb & 9g Fat DESCRIPTION: If you follow a low carb / Keto diet or salads are your jam, then this is one to give a try! You've got a good hit of protein to fill you up in the absence of carbs or... Continue Reading →

Balsamic Beef & Goats Cheese Tomato Salad

Calories: 519 kcal (or 336 kcal smaller portion) Macros: 69g Protein, 28g Carb & 15g Fat DESCRIPTION: A quick and simple salad, but absolutely bursting with flavour! I seldom have a meal without some amount of starchy carb - something always feels missing. However, in this wholesome salad, the combination of a big portion of Beef,... Continue Reading →

The AdapNation Calorie Planner

As per the 10 Step Guide To Diet Planning – No More Restrictive Meal Plans! guide, we offer up an approach to managing weight loss which is sustainable, flexible and focussed on the right things. No distractions, no gimmicks. It's worth taking a re-read to cement the basic principles of healthy flexible dieting. You'll see that we... Continue Reading →

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