Could The Flu Shot Worsen COVID-19?

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💉 Could the Flu Vaccine create more COVID Infections & more severe outcomes? What does the science say?

Recent news & messaging from PHE suggest there is a critical need to avoid Co-Infection of COVID-19 and Flu, citing figures that this will increase risk of dying by 60% in the elderly.

💉 They follow this up with urging Over 50’s, Under 11’s, Shielders, Frontline HCW’s (mandated) and Pregnant Women to get a Flu Vaccine, so they can burn through their 30 Millions Doses of this years flu shot that have been procured.

😧 There is a stronger push to increase Flu Vaccination update in deprived and BAME communities, and Chris Whitty, DHSC & PHE have set an ambitious target to vaccinate a minimum of 75% of Eligible individuals.

📺 To assist with this ambition, there will be a major new marketing campaign to encourage take up of the free flu vaccine, due to launch in October.

All of this is laid out in the 1️⃣ 5th August’ The national flu immunisation programme 2020 to 2021 update’ 👇🏼


Here’s something to be cautious of – VACCINE-ASSOCIATED VIRUS INTERFERENCE.

🔺 Basically, as Vaccine’s “interfere” with the naturally occurring biological process in comparison to a natural infection, there may be an INCREASED RISK of contracting non-influenza respiratory viral infections. Non-specific immunity from natural infection is not developed.

😳 Pause on this for a second – Flu Shots could increase risk of other viral (specifically #Coronavirus and Rhonovirus) infections…



In a randomised clinical trial in 2012, it was observed in children there was a 4.4x INCREASED RISK of contracting an Acute Respiratory Infection (ARI) from non-influenza viruses when the Flu Vaccine was administered.

🦠 In particular, #Coronaviruses, Rhinovirus, Coxsackie, and Echovirus will called out. 😬



In June 2019, the US Military published a study that looked to show if there were Vaccine-Associated Virus Interference from Flu Vaccinations in the DoD.

They found that vaccinated individuals may be at increased risk for other respiratory viruses because they do not receive the non-specific immunity associated with natural infection.

🦠 Coronaviruses have an Odds Ratio (1.36), meaning soldiers had 36% HIGER ODDS of a #coronavirus infection (confirmed with a test) if they previously received the influenza vaccine the prior flu season. 😬

DoD Flu Vaccine Shot Research Table



Allan S. Cunningham put out a BMJ rapid response in May 2020 regarding the UK’s Public Health response to COVID-10, suggesting that further analysis should be completed to look into  the correlation between recent Flu Shot vaccination and COVID-related deaths in European countries.

📈 Well, I DECIDED to do that correlational analysis!

Flu Shot Vaccine effects on COVID-19 Mortality

🦠 As you can see, there is a CLEAR CORRELATION between recent Flu Vaccination of the Over 65’s and COVID-related deaths. 😬

☑️ The correlation exists when you compare Deaths per million across countries compared to the percentage of Over 65’s that have in the last year or so received a Flu Shot.

☑️ It also strongly exists when you compare the ratio between deaths to cases (i.e. Case Fatality Rate) and % of older population recently vaccinated.


❓Why are the UK Govt pushing SO HARD for this year to be the BIGGEST year ever for Flu Shot Immunisation?


Moreover, you can’t  help to notice that we have the HIGHEST percentage of annual immunisation against the Flu for Over 65’s annually, whilst also having one of the worst COVID death rates… 🤔

#DoYourOwnResearch #ChooseCarefully



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