is it time to be your best?

The 21st century challenge

We’re naïvely confident, but so confused. We lack certainty on nutrition, managing weight, wellness, being happy, and how we can add real value.

We’re battling with a mental health crisis – we seek out immediate gratification to numb the pain of lacking deep fulfilment. We’re grinding through the rat race, but have no directions to escape nor how to live well.

Obesity and lifestyle-induced illnesses are rife and seem to be uncontrollable. Keeping healthy, energetic and in shape feels out of reach for most of us.

Keeping momentum on the things that really matter is tough. We know there is more to a great life, but external distractions are relentless.

We feel judged and guilty, with the inescapable need to keep up with everyone on all fronts. We’re shamed by activists and industry if we are not following their dogma.

Too much to learn and master.
Where to start? 

The Missing Manual

Life is so complicated, yet there’s no definitive guidebook. No human code on how to best master life. There should be, so we created the first draft.

Your time is precious. We all need a guide – somebody (or something) that can fit into our crazy busy lives – lighting up the fast path to personal growth and our full mental and physical potential.

This is your guide. It combines foundational human wisdom and modern science into a unique and engaging micro-learning sequence.

AdapNation and the #BeYourBest Journey is in your corner:

The #BeYourBest Self-Optimisation Journey
is your guide
100 days of layered personal development across the #BeYourBest Foundations.
#BeYourBest Definition

Key Features & Benefits

The #BeYourBest Self-Optimisation Journey helps you upgrade your life, in your time, and with life changing insights across the six #BeYourBest Foundations.

It’s an inspiring and educational online course like no other –  merging mental strength, wellness, self improvement,  weight loss, nutrition and exercise goals into a unique and engaging micro-learning format.

The #BeYourBest Journey is NOT a prescribed weight loss program, but you will get into the best shape of your life – physically and mentally.

If it’s working, complement your current diet and training with the #BeYourBest Journey insights, or make this a new start. It’s your choice.

How? With a focus on life-long enablement of the #BeYourBest Foundations through key daily takeaways and deeper dives across 330+ topics – all in 5-10mins a day!

No classes, homework, modules or quickly outdated materials. No external expectations or judgement. Just you, your email and a pair of earphones…. whenever and wherever you like.

100% online content.

100% at your convenience.

Helping unleash 100% of your potential, in 100 days
Learn through email
Each day of micro-learning arrives in your inbox for ease, speed and max retention. *
Self-paced learning
Easily archivable and searchable content, with email auto-pausing when you get behind. 
Read, listen, watch
Choose your level of depth. From precise key concepts to deeper dive resources.
Total life upgrade
Uniquely explore and improve the inter-woven foundations to living your best life.
Mastermind Group
Up level your inner circle with those who equally want to maximise their time on this planet.
Tons of tools
From best-in-class training app experience to tools that inspire your next home-cooked meal.
* NEW VOICE MEMOS: Prefer to listen instead? Listen to the embedded audio version of your daily micro-learning emails

A Response to Our Needs

The #BeYourBest Journey is about self-discovery, personal growth and life transformation – built to serve our deep human needs: 

A fast-track to life wisdom, self confidence, and faith in your unique greatness

To extend your youthful years, look great, feel great, and make the most of life

Know why you are here, and what you must do within your lifetime

To get more done, with a greater sense of purpose and clarity

To make a real difference… with no regrets

Leading, sharing and paying your life wisdom forward to those around you

#BeYourBest Framework

The #BeYourBest Foundations

Real personal growth comes in layers:

  1. Self-Discovery – First you seek to understand your body and mind
  2. Self-Optimisation – Then you acquire and implement practical how-to life knowledge 
  3. Self-Actualisation – Finally, you’re able to progress to the highest level of psychological development and realise your full potential

The #BeYourBest Journey focusses on the underlying aspects of life that we all need to master – the #HumanCode

Those foundations on which great careers, relationships, wealth and family are built on:

Your overarching behaviours, habits and principles used to run a successful life.
Your ability to develop mental strength, know yourself, grow, achieve and be happy.
Developing a powerful understanding of nutrition and a healthy relationship with food.
Getting more out of life by knowing when and how calm down, rest and recover.
3D Physique
Knowing how to efficiently get into and stay in the best shape of your life. Design. Develop. Define.
Using your body with confidence to achieve goals, health and maintain youthfulness.

How it works...

At its core, the #BeYourBest Self-Optimisation Journey is 100 days of personal growth via essential knowledge on how to do life in an optimal, healthy and fulfilling way.

If you have a mobile phone, a little cash, 5-10mins a day, and a strong desire to #BeYourBest, you are fully equipped to benefit from this unique and transformative micro-learning experience.

1. Get your #BYB score
Start with knowing where you are today, using the quick online #BeYourBest Scorecard.
2. Start your #BYB Journey
Pick the right package for you, with Day 1 of the #BeYourBest Journey starting the next day.
3. Your daily #BYB email
Covering 3-5 #BYB foundation sub-topics, with further reading/listening resources.
4. You’ll love it! 
But if you don’t for whatever reason, get a full refund within 14 days of purchase.
5. No coursework. Just do!
Digest, think, and implement at your pace, with tools for exercise and nutrition inspiration.
6. Share and collaborate 
Share updates, ask questions and contribute to your Mastermind Group. *
7. Get your final #BYB score 
Towards the back end of the journey, re-evaluate your #BeYourBest score.
8. Continue to develop 
After the 100 days, continue your growth with AdapNation and the Mastermind Group, for life.
* with Premium and VIP Packages, connect with Steve for extra accountability and support.

The Daily #BeYourBest Insights

With as little as 5-10mins of daily reading / listening and thinking, you can upgrade your life and confidence.

It’s your morning feel-good dose of micro-learning and inspiration – delivering succinct punchlines to the topics that matter most in life. 

There are no asks or homework – do what is right for you, at the right time.

Below is one of those jam-packed daily email lessons, from Day 59. Complete with optional deeper-dive audio, visual, and written resources.

NEW VOICE MEMOS: Prefer to listen instead? Listen to the embedded audio version of your daily micro-learning emails

What's the score?

The #BeYourBest Scorecard

Most of life is subjective. It’s feelings-based. But, how do you know if you’re making progress, or when you’ve arrived?

The #BeYourBest Scorecard helps turn the subjective into objective measurement. Giving you visibility into where you’re strong, and what needs some work.

This is the beginning of your journey. You can set ambitious but practical goals for the next few months across the #BeYourBest Foundations. Don’t hope – instead expect.

To measure is to understand, and to fuel actions towards goals. Get your free #BeYourBest Scorecard today.

What You'll Learn

In a word… LOTS! We’ve spent 1000’s of hours over a year and a half to codify the best ideas and insights from the best minds on how to #BeYourBest.

330+ educational segments

3-5 segments per day

14x weekly roundups

6 foundational areas of life

100 day planner

Request a free copy of the full 100 day schedule

Got Questions?

Of course you have!

When it comes to investing time and money in yourself, you want to make sure it’s a good fit, and that you know what to expect. We’ve got you covered. Check out the comprehensive FAQ page.

The #BeYourBest Self-Optimisation Journey

Packages & Pricing

A one-time upfront payment covers you for the next 100 days – over 15 weeks. And at an equivalent daily cost of just £1.47, that’s less than the price of a single espresso shot!

The Freedom Package covers all the bases. Premium and VIP provide you varying levels of access to Steve and team.


All the content. No fuss.
£ 147
  • 100 #BeYourBest Emails with Auto-Pause
  • AdapNation & Third Party Resource Links
  • Lifetime Access to Mastermind Group
  • 100 Day PDF Planner
  • 18+ Training Programs & 170+ Meal Ideas
  • 2x Extra Scorecard Reports
  • Template Meal & Calorie Planners
  • Q&A via Facebook Group
  • Ultimate #BYB Checklist
  • Subscriber Exclusives


Adding the human touch
£ 247
  • Same as Freedom Package
  • 2x 30min Consults with Steve ^
  • 3x Monthly Email Check-Ins from Team


Insider access & accountability
£ 399
  • Same as Freedom Package
  • 5x 30min Consults with Steve ^^
  • Email Access to Steve (< 2d response)

Gift for a loved one?


£ 147
  • Give the ultimate gift


£ 247
  • Give the ultimate gift


£ 399
  • Give the ultimate gift

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Our Money Back Guarantee

How it works:

Who is this #BeYourBest Guy?

Meet Steve Katasi

I’m no Guru, but I AM working it out…

If you ever hear someone claim to have all the answers… run! The more you learn, the more naïve you realise you are. Life has so much nuance, and we are all so different.

The best you can do is seek out curious, kind and committed individuals. The kind of people who think critically, ask great questions, and get stuck in the weeds on your behalf. Those who have the time, resources and critical thinking to be open minded without being gullible and dogmatic.

This is the person I try to be every day. I've walked away from an illustrious career in IT Security to obsessively commit everything I am (and have) to decoding what it takes to #BeYourBest.

I am on an ongoing journey of self-discovery and self-optimisation. I walk the talk, and am and outward expression of self-optimisation.

I’ve transformed my body, optimised my health, amplified my energy, clarified my purpose, accumulated precious knowledge, acquired real wealth, and turbo charged my passion for life.

The mission is to build a force-for-good platform, where I do some of the hard work for you. I’ve been gifted and cursed with a deeply curious mind that is hard to fatigue.

100’s of interviews with great minds, 10’s of thousands of hours in intellectual debate. Stacks of books. I’ve invested deeply in my own education and research, and have the space and time to synthesise and correlate all these concepts, whilst filtering out the noise.

This is my full time job. To engage with the grandiose and the minutia. Deleting the irrelevant, connecting the dots, asking those tough questions and adding real-world context. Condensing it all down to valuable insights that truly help you #BeYourBest.

Steve Katasi
Founder & Podcast Host

What are you waiting for?

It’s time to Optimise your Mind. Your Body. Your Life.
Get started now! Don’t regret staying the same…