Here are the most commonly asked questions we get regarding the #BeYourBest Self-Optimisation Journey. Should you have any further questions we can help you with, please email

Pre-Purchase Questions


The main #BeYourBest Self-Optimisation Journey Page describes how the service works. You can also check out the questions below for any clarifications you may be seeking.

You can get a feel of the #BeYourBest Journey by visiting our the #BeYourBest Journey info page. Expect 100 days of life-transforming email content combined with a host of deeper dive resources and access to the #BeYourBest Mastermind Group.

You will receive one educational email a day for 100 days. Each #BeYourBest Journey email has been carefully designed and written to maximise visual impact and retention, across 3-5 segments daily.

Each email takes 5-10mins a day to fully read. Alternatively, you can listen to the embedded audio version Voice Memo, that is on average 7mins long.

How much extra time you commit will be based on which topics you wish to dive deeper into – where there will be podcasts, articles, books or videos to help expand your understanding and support your actions.

Yes. Each #BeYourBest Journey daily email comes with an embedded Voice Memo, which is a professionally recorded and narrated version of the entire email lesson. It can be played in the background, allowing you to use your phone on other tasks.

This provides you with the flexibility to micro-learn in the style that best suits you and your lifestyle.


The #BeYourBest Journey is NOT about prescribed Nutrition and Exercise programs that you must follow along, like an online fat loss challenge. Instead, it’s about education, enablement and inspiration across the six #BeYourBest Foundations.

So, if you’re already on a diet that is working for you, or have an exercise training plan that is getting results (say with a Personal Trainer), there is tremendous value in combining with the #BeYourBest Journey education.

You can fully transition to the guidance, training plans and meal ideas offered within the #BeYourBest Journey, or you can simply use the newfound knowledge to adjust your lifestyle as you see fit.

Our Freedom plan is suitable for most, as it allows maximum freedom to explore the content and your life changes at your own pace, and in private.

If you’d prefer the addition of some external accountability and access to Steve for personal discussions, you may find either our Premium or VIP package more appealing.

By default, the #BeYourBest Journey will start the day after purchase at 7am UK (GMT).

Should you wish to delay the start date, please get in touch with from your registered email address, stating your order number and preferred start date. Please be aware the money-back guarantee will not be extended.

For Gift Card purchases, the service will initiate as per above, once the gift card recipient has redeemed their gift card.

The #BeYourBest Self-Optimisation Journey isn’t specifically tailored to the individual, as the elements within the program are suitable for anyone who signs up. The #BeYourBest scorecard is specific to you and will help identify your key areas of priority and focus.

Like any form of change and education, you stand to gain as much as you’re willing to put in to the #BeYourBest Journey.

The content is impactful and universal in its value. However, considering there are a few profanities and mentions of adult-related topics, it is recommended for those who are 16 years or older

There is no AdapNation branded App Store App, however and various tools within function like apps (e.g. AdapNation Butler or Exercise Selector).

Daily Emails are delivered to your Email App. Suggested Podcasts can be accessed from all the major Podcast Apps. All Training Plans (#HyperWorkouts) are exclusively importable into the HeavySet iOS App.

The #BeYourBest Journey has an inbuilt auto-pause feature, that will pause the incoming emails if you have more that five consecutive #BeYourBest emails unread. Upon opening those unread emails, the service will reinitiate. There is no limit of how long or how frequent the service can be paused, and there is no defined end date to reach Day 100.

Should there be a need to manually pause the service for an extended period of time, please get in touch at from your registered email address and stating your order number.

No, it is not possible to advance through the 100 days any faster than scheduled. This is a purposeful design principle of the #BeYourBest Journey, to allow maximum assimilation of the information provided and information retention.

Of course, you’re always welcome to peruse the website and listen to our podcasts at your own pace. This will only further strengthen the ideas and knowledge needed to #BeYourBest.

No, you could simply consume the content across all six foundations without training. That said, given all the scientific and unequivocal scientific research on the benefits of exercise both physically and mentally, it would make sense to get in the gym. We provide you with all the knowledge and training plans to easily get going.

We offer a large range of free content relating to training and workouts. If you have general #HyperWorkouts training plan questions during the #BeYourBest Journey, these can be answered within the #BeYourBest Mastermind Group. If you are looking for personal and specific guidance, the Premium or VIP Packages may be more suited.

However, the #BeYourBest Journey is not an online PT coaching service. Should you need gym coaching, most gyms offer single or block sessions to help with movement assessments and guidance.

Yes, as long as you seek counsel from your healthcare provider regarding any topics relating to supplementation or exercise. All recommendations are made with optimal health in mind, and as such you could create an optimal internal environment for your developing baby.

Whilst we do not advocate any specific dietary choice, there is a strong emphasis on nutrient density and animal-based nutrition for optimal human performance. As such, you may find some of our recommendations and meal options to fall outside the limitations of a plant-based diet, and would require you to replace certain ingredients for plant-based alternatives.

Purchasing Questions


You must purchase a package to get started, but you have the protection of 14-day money-back guarantee should you not be completely satisfied with the #BeYourBest Journey. This is effectively the same as a 14-day free trial – no hoops to jump through, no fuss.

Simply fill in the short refund request form within 14 days of purchase and we’ll have the money transferred back to your bank account within a couple days.

That said, we’re sure you’ll love it, including your personal transformation over the course of 100 days!

Absolutely. We use global payment processors Stripe and Paypal to handle our transactions, and both will automatically convert the £ GBP amount into your local currency using the retail exchange rate at time of purchase.

Absolutely, what better gift to give than a chance of life betterment. Go to the #BeYourBest Journey page where you can buy various Gift Cards based on package.

The content is impactful and universal in its value. However, considering there are a few profanities and mentions of adult-related topics, it is recommended for those who are 16 years or older

Absolutely, we never hold your credit card details and all payment processing services we use conforms to SSL and PCI DSS standards.

Yes! We take your privacy very seriously, coming from an IT security background. We use secure service providers to process payments and send #BeYourBest emails, and will never share or sell your details to third parties.

Sign up to the chosen package securely by Credit Card or PayPal and your #BeYourBest Journey will be underway that day. If you’re not completely satisfied, you can get a full refund with our no fuss, no questions asked money-back guarantee within 14 days of purchase. Simply fill in the refund request form and a full refund will be returned to your bank. Your #BeYourBest Journey service will be stopped, with your access to the #BeYourBest Mastermind Group removed. For Gift Cards, the purchaser can request a full refund within 45 days of the Gift Card being redeemed, or within 45 days of purchase (whichever comes first)​.

During checkout, you will need to provide your name, email and phone number. As such, it’s no extra effort to setup an AdapNation eCommerce account.

This will not only make future purchases easier, but will also enable you to check Gift Card balances, review past orders and re-download any purchase-related downloads.

We run discounts occasionally so look out for these. After all, we’re all students of life.

Post-Purchase Questions


You should have received your confirmation email within an hour of signing up. Please check your spam/junk folders in case we’ve made our way into there. If in doubt, drop us an email at and we’ll look into any issues.

Day 1 of the #BeYourBest Journey will start the day after purchase, at around 7am UK time (GMT).

Upon activation of your Journey through purchasing one of the packages, you will be sent a link to join the #BeYourBest Mastermind Group (a private invite only Facebook Group). The link will have a couple questions to answer, including your #BeYourBest registered email address and order number. Within 24hours, you will be granted access to the group.

Should you request a refund during the 14-day money-back guarantee period, your permissions to this group will be removed. Otherwise, you will have lifetime access to this group, and can of course leave at any point should you wish.

As each of the #BeYourBest Journey daily emails will contain 3-5 segments, across a mix of the six #BeYourBest foundations, we wanted to help you quickly gauge which life areas are covered per email.

The Subject line will relate to one of the segments within, and will have the associated foundation icon at the start. The Preview text under the subject line (before you open the email), will contain the icons for the remaining foundation segments included in that email.

The six #BeYourBest Journey foundation icons are:

🧿 Holistic | 🧠 Mindset | 🥑 Nutrition | 🔋 Rest & Replenish | 🎽 Exercise | 💪 Physique

The emails should dynamically scale to the mobile device and offer a comfortable reading experience.

Should you wish to magnify the text further, the best option is to scroll to the bottom of the email and click the link ‘view email in browser’. From there, you will be able to increase the overall text size within the browser.

For example, with iOS / iPhone devices, you press the AA’ situated at the left-hand side of the top search bar. From there, you can increase to 115% or 125%.

Simply press the main image at the top of every image to play the embedded Voice Memo narrated version of the email contents. Once the audio starts, you can continue listening whilst using your phone on other tasks.

If email images do not show the Voice Memo graphic, that means there is no audio version fro that day. This applies to all weekly roundup emails.

If you must, you will. If creating positive change in your life is a must, there is always a way.

That said, if you get 100’s or work and personal emails a day, it’s likely your relationship with email is one of trying to clear it down as quickly as possible. Likely handling work asks, spammy emails, and messages from friends all together – on your laptop.

That’s not conducive to receiving inspirational and educational value via email. You need a different approach.

The daily #BeYourBest email needs just 5-10mins of space and time to connect with, ideally first thing in your morning with a cuppa in hand. On your phone, and away from the work stuff.

It’s designed to be that ONE email of goodness, focussed on your wellbeing and positive mindset, before the flood of asks, distractions and negativity hit you like a tsunami.

You owe it to yourself to prioritise YOU first thing in the morning. We all have 5 minutes to give to ourselves first thing… if it’s a must.

Absolutely not. We’ve worked tirelessly to condense the key takeaways, powerful insights, and thought provoking questions into the body of the daily #BeYourBest Journey emails.

If you only read the Daily Emails and never click on referenced articles, podcasts, videos or books, you will have received a great deal of value and insight. That’s just 5-10mins a day to read and reflect.

All the Deeper Dive Links are considered optional. They allow you to further explore the topic by adding much more context, detail, nuance and discussion. 

Perhaps you only click into the linked resources that interest you, or represent areas that need more focus and action in your life.

Or, maybe you make a pact to read the #BeYourBest Journey emails daily, and once a week you flick back through to see if there is any content that should make its way on to your list. 

Your #BeYourBest Journey emails are sent daily, with one day a week dedicated to a weekly roundup.

We appreciate sometimes life gets busy, so we’ve included an auto-pause feature to ensure if the emails are unopened, the Journey will temporarily pause. The auto-pause kicks in should the last five (5) #BeYourBest emails remain unopened.

Once any of the last five (5) emails have beed opened, the #BeYourBest Journey will immediately resume its normal schedule.

Naturally, as this is a 100 day learning and transformation programme, the daily email number will indicate the percentage – e.g. Day 34 would be 34% (or a third through).

In addition, at the end of each week you will get a visual milestone guide of how far through you are on the #BeYourBest 14+ week Journey.

Contact us at or use the contact us form should you need some help making the most out of the #BeYourBest Journey service. Please ensure you do so via your registered email address and provide your order number. 

Yes, this is easy yet powerful within most email clients. Using the iOS/iPhone Mail App as an example:

To Create & Move email to a #BeYourBest Email Folder

  1. In the Mail app, click < Mailboxes, and then click Edit.
  2. Click New Mailbox, type a name (e.g. #BeYourBest Emails), select the Mailbox Location and click Done.
  3. Open a #BeYourBest email, click the reply arrow, select Move Message and select the folder you created above.

To search for terms within all received #BeYourBest email content, simply tap the Search Bar in the Mail app and type in the search word. For phrases, wrap in quotations – e.g. “progressive overload”. 


If you have gifted a Gift Card, you can check whether it has been used and/or the remaining balance by going to your account page, assuming you set up an account at time of purchase.

Alternatively, get in touch with from your registered email address and stating your order number and we’ll get back to you with the Gift Card status.

Should you injure or hurt yourself during the course of the #BeYourBest Journey, please seek advice from a professional in the field, such as a GP, physiotherapist or chiropractor.