#74: The Lifting App You Need! – with HeavySet Founder Daniel Wood

 This episode is dedicated to the exciting collaboration and technical integration between AdapNation #HyperWorkouts and HeavySet iOS App. If you like weight training and want to make serious progress, you need good programming, consistency, sufficient nutrition and to progressively overload. It sounds academic, and for many people intuitive. You need to lift increasingly heavier... Continue Reading →

#73: Life With Diabetes – How to Manage & Thrive, with Phil Graham

 Diabetes is the second most prevalent health condition globally, and continues to surge at epidemic proportions. Considered a modern lifestyle disease, it’s worth us all getting grounded on what Diabetes is, in the hope to prevent our health unknowingly declining, or to spot and successfully manage the condition. So whilst you may not be clinically diagnosed with Type 2 or Type... Continue Reading →

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