#122: Why Mobilisation & Biomechanical Health is so Important ~Kelly Starrett

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Kelly Starrett, global mobility and movement extraordinaire, joins us for an incredibly insightful discussion on the significance of taking control of our body function, range of motion, position and recovery. 

Kelly is the author of the awesome book – Becoming A Supple Leopard, the creator and star of the world-famous MobilityWOD (now called The Ready State), as well as being a regarded author of four books on mobility and biomechanics, and a physio therapist and coach to elite athletes. 

Kelly started San Fran CrossFit – the 21st CrossFit opened worldwide, as well s being a high level water sports athlete in his own right. As such, has the unique exposure to training mechanics, athletes, the role of physio work, and the role that environment and lifestyle play in performance and pain. 

This episode is both introspective, informative, technical AND… relatable. It’s must-listen for most people, even though at times it might get a little too geeky for some. There’s power in being your own body mechanic. It’s worth investing in this area of your life. 

Here’s what we discuss

  1. How Kelly became a World leader in Mobility and Movement
  2. The Human-Environment mismatch that is fuelling human dysfunction, health, pain and injury
  3. Why are people divided when it comes to the value of mobility, soft tissue and exercise preparation work
  4. What re Kelly’s Movement ‘Vital Signs’ and his reasons to prioritise ROM and position
  5. How and why Breathing and Mobilisation work are tightly coupled and important
  6. When is the right time and approach for soft tissue work?
  7. Returning the locus of control to the person – what does this mean, and the value of being you own body mechanic
  8. The why’s behind mobilisation – desensitise pain, improve position, and aid adaptation
  9. Why it’s not reasonable to think that mobilisation and soft tissue work is a permanent one off fix?
  10. What are the causes of body pain as a result of training?
  11. What is the message with body pain? Does it mean there is tissue damage? What are the factors?
  12. Ways to think about removing or minimising body pain due to exercise or lifestyle. Should you act straight away? How?
  13. Should healthy functional muscle tissue be painful when compressed by ball/roller etc?
  14. Decongesting, Re-perfusing and Desensitising your tissues – what, why, and how?
  15. When to not self-address (or stop) body pain through mobilisation techniques?
  16. How to help people realise the importance of getting proactive (versus reactive) with healthy and functional range of motion?
  17. Where to get started on learning the basics of proper movement, function and effective mobilisation strategies?

Kelly Starrett on AdapNation Podcast

Where to find KELLY STARRETT and his work

▪︎ The Ready State – the worlds no. 1 resource for mobility education and coaching

▪︎ The Ready State 14-day Free Trial and beginners on-ramp to mobility

▪︎ TRS YouTube Channel (formerly MobilityWOD)

▪︎ TRS Facebook, Instagram and Twitter

Third Party References

▪︎ Episode #94 with Chris Duffin 

▪︎ Peter O’Sullivan back-pain specialist

▪︎ The Brookbush Institute by Brent Brookbush – great research 

▪︎ Dr Thomas Myers 


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AdapNation #BeYourBest Self-Optimisation Journey

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