You’ll be allowed to hug again… but not yet

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Strictly no hugs, until some arbitrary date. Freedoms subject to being a good boy/girl with tests and jabs…

…A six-on-six-off repeat of COVID hysteria and govt dictat for years to come. Rampant celebration and unshakable confidence in a set of experimental drugs that have yet to demonstrate attributable biological and health value – but of course they are 100% going to save the world from ecological collapse…

…An acceptance that we must be humbled and stop fighting nature – and yet the perpetual Govt meddling continues…

…A declaration that data not dates will drive the schedule, followed by a selection of dates that will drive the schedule. A commitment to sub 1000 daily cases that are impossible with current volume and configuration of PCR and LFD testing MO…

…After a looong while, an acceptance that zero COVID is a pointless pipe dream. Is this an admission of fault, or messaging that supports perpetual authoritarianism under the guise of protecting public health?

You might be allowed to hug again

These ideas/rules and more are laid out by Boris and co today. The language in the image was from Sky News’ coverage of said plan. Link in comment below. 👇🏼

🤯 Imagine reading this in 2019. Just think how well the public opinion has been reshaped. We’ve been permanently rewired. Do you like the ‘new normal’ mindset?

❓The big question is – will the rewired public neuroticism be able to restrict hugs up until 16th May, and then be able to embrace hugs on 17th May with no concern and anxiety? 🤷🏻‍♂️

❓Will people be able to hug without fear because our leaders have now made it an allowable and “safe” behaviour?

My brain hurts.

❤️ You do you – whatever that looks like.

As a family, we’re make our own decisions based on our read of having a life, personal/public health risk, happiness, scientific probabilities, and empirical evidence.

❌ We will not be told how to think and how to evaluate risk vs reward. We’ll take the insights (thanks), and then act like rational intelligent human beings with critical thinking skills.

To be continued…

aka the ongoing theme of “COVID life”. 



Excerpts and broader coverage of the U.K. Lockdown Easing plan below (Sky News)



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