England Mortality COVID Update – 25th Feb 2021

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🤔 Imagine being at the back of the pack in a 100 metre race at the 50m mark, your hamstring seizes up, and yet you still declare victory…

That is what we are witnessing in the UK by the Govt, MSM, NHS and therefore the suggestible public.

👍🏼 We will cross the line. Spring will come to the rescue and save us from the winter mortality pressures. The significant pivot to LFD testing will mean far less cases, which in turn will mean far less hospitalisations and deaths attributed to COVID.

The sun, more time out in nature, and less permanent anxiety induced by Govt and MSM will give our damaged public health a chance to recover a little. Excess mortality will naturally wane, albeit it’s unclear if it can drop to 5YR averages given the substantial negative health impacts of the last 12 months.

🤔 BUT, thanking the crowd with a Usain Bolt style dab, whilst planning for life contingent on being vaccinated at this point is simply ludicrous. You’d ONLY do that if the race is rigged fro you to win no matter what…

💯 This for me is a sure sign that what we have been witnessing is a elaborate sequence of events to declare vaccine victory, offer a “new normal” to the public, and avert blame for the unprecedented devastation left in the wake of the national and global COVID-justified authoritarianism.

UK England COVID Update 25th Feb 2021

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  1. Lockdowns, Project Fear and Vaccinations all based on deliberate misinterpretation of mortality numbers. Either using Death Certificates that mention Coronavirus or deaths within 28 days of a positive Coronavirus test irrespective of the ultimate actual cause of death.

  2. Surely with mass testing of children we are now going to have 10million tests per week on secondary age kids meaning at 0.32% FPR, 32,000 false cases every week?

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