#158: Plateauing, Suffering & Reinvention ~Freddie Bennett

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Freddie Bennett has a fascinating story of highs, all the trappings, tragic loss, devastating lows, and being utterly let down by the traditional “Self Help” industry. Funtime Freddie somehow escaped his downward spiral of drugs and alcohol to becoming a modern day Forest Gump with his endurance pursuits and has truly found his “second mountain”.

This is a discussion of plateauing on your first mountain – your first main chapter in life. A discussion of reinvention and the catalyst of change. A discussion of taking psychological value from pushing your body to unthinkable extremes. A discussion of finding your centre and your drive, when all the traditional signals don’t move you.

This episode is for everyone who is succeeding at some level in life, and yet life is without meaning and fulfilment. It’s for those that know there is more to life and more to themselves than is currently being expressed, but they just can’t put their finger on what is broken, missing or wrong.

Plus, Freddie is captivating with his self depreciation, humour, Funtime Freddie antics and brutal honesty.


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Here’s what we cover:

  1. Freddie’s Story – Peaky Blinders, Imposter, Porsches, Drugs, Death, Darkness
  2. Why was Freddie struggling psychologically – he had ‘everything’?
  3. Freddie’s Catalyst for Change
  4. Do you need to chase Money and Success first, before you pursue something bigger?
  5. Must you leave your job in order to follow your passion?
  6. Why Self-Help was not clicking for Freddie
  7. Mourning – Darkness or Inspiration to change? Or both?
  8. Going Teetotal and reinventing – What was the trigger event that? 
  9. Freddie’s Feats of Endurance since 2018
  10. WHY? What is he running away from or chasing?
  11. How anti-fragility, safetyism, and allergy to suffering is hurting Society and Mental Health
  12. What happens after the big goal? Is it a come down?
  13. Why committing to being great at the normal everyday stuff is the key to happiness
  14. How do you handle the Imposter Syndrome when you a crafting a new career?

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