#104: Life Lessons & Unique Insights from The Ultimate Global Explorer James Ketchell

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This episode is a wonderful and impactful interview with professional explorer James Ketchell, where he shares his experiences, lessons and key life advice he’s accumulated through his travels.

James Ketchell is the only man on the planet to have completed the ultimate global triathlon – rowing the Atlantic solo, climbing Everest and cycling around the world! Oh, as well as solo flying around the world in a tiny open top gyrocopter!

What an amazing story of following your passion, having unquestionable belief, and finding your true happiness. James has the unique perspective of starting with nothing, being a depressed child, being told he cannot walk again after a devastating accident… followed by conquering the world several times over.

James Ketchell on top of Everest 2011
James Ketchell on top of Everest 2011!

Stuff that dreams are made of. What is more powerful and and accomplished than successfully exploring the world that we live on, being on the top of it, and the amazing stories of survival and grit to journey to the unknown… time and again.

This is not just a story of one mans brilliance. Far from it. This episode is mostly about the powerful life lessons that James has learnt along the way, which are 100% applicable to everyone who listens.

LOVED THIS INTERVIEW! I hope you do too. #BeYourBest

Here’s what we discuss:

  1. James’ Three Things that hold most people back
  2. Being told he would not be able to walk again…
  3. Why and how did James become a professional Adventurer?
  4. What it took to raise sponsorship to fund these explorations
  5. How did he overcome his fear to get out in the Atlantic – by himself?
  6. Wise Exploration Advice – relevant to all aspects of life
  7. What was it like to be in the dark ocean all by yourself?
  8. What is happiness, according to James?
  9. How James managed his mindset to commit, believe and persevere.
  10. James’ value in the need for Routine and Discipline
  11. Stories from his explorations – including scary moments out on sea and on the Everest ice
  12. How James deals with Loneliness and Negative Thoughts
  13. Dealing with the come down once his incredible achievements are done
  14. How is James adding value to people as a solo explorer?
  15. How does James judge, manage and lessen the risks in his explorations?
  16. What was nutrition like when on these expeditions and long periods of isolation?
  17. James’ bad habits and weirdest habits
  18. The sacrifices James has made in his commitment to his passion
  19. James’ Meaning of Life
  20. James’ most important pieces of life advice

Where to find JAMES KETCHELL and his work:


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