The honest Wellness and Self-Optimisation movement has started. AdapNation joins the few global leaders that tell a different refreshing story, cut through the noise and BS sales pitches, and hit you up with a generous helping of straight-talk, transparency and deep practical guidance.

AdapNation is your Self-Optimisation content-hub – placing rich, engaging and highly practical insights in your hands, and across the most popular Social Media platforms. Helping you #BeYourBest.

Blending corporate expertise, entrepreneurialism and tech-saviness with a unique blend of experience in the wellness, fitness and mindset space – enter Steve Katasi & team.

AdapNation Podcast


Check out AdapNation’s Podcast, where we discuss all things Self-Optimisation! A deep dive Podcast, digging into practical ways to optimise your wellness, body and mind. Helping you #BeYourBest.

Expect honesty, rawness, banter and a thirst for deeper knowledge, as we attempt to knock down misconceptions and double-click into topics that take you from good to great.

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AdapNation Micro Blogs


Our Micro Blogs help you get regular free insights, honest transparency, knowledge and ideas in a uniquely organised structure and real-life voice.

You’ll find some of the most demanded topics around nutrition, exercise and growth mindset here, as well as a window into the revelations and challenges of our personal training experience, wellness and mental game. Check out tasty Meal Ideas, awesome Weight Training Programmes, Coaching & Wellness Tips, great Book Recommendations and our insightful Body & Mind Journals.



AdapNation Articles


Want to dig deeper into a subject in written form? Our Articles do exactly that.

Whether it’s a deep dive into nutrition, supplementation, the best approach to programming your workouts, understanding scientific revelations, rehabilitation after injury, healing yourself through food or a variety of other wellness, fitness and mindset topics – this is where to go.



Sometimes you just need to see it to understand it! The AdapNation YouTube channel – think exercise programmes, technique videos, whiteboard talks, confessionals and the like.


AdapNation Community


Want to connect with other growth-minded individuals, and those who take interest in creating the best version of themselves? Come hang out with that crowd on AdapNation’s Facebook Page and get sharing ideas.

There’s also a invite-only AdapNation Community for deeper accountability and knowledge sharing.

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