Now Bill wants you all to eat Synthetic Beef

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This guy continues to stick is oar in. Mr. Pandemic, Mr. Vaccine, Mr. Largest US Farm Owner, Mr. Monocrop, Mr. Climate Change, Mr. Health Passports, Mr. Population Control, and now Mr. Synthetic Meat. 🤦🏻‍♂️

🖐 His fingerprints are across all forced change right now. His dollars prop up the Guardian and BBC, Fact Checkers and a plethora of other Establishment Media companies. Oh, and he has substantial stakes in Impossible Foods, Beyond Meat, & Motif Ingredients – the fake meat business.

😬 If 2020 has taught us anything, it’s that Bill Gates has unfathomable power, and what Bill Gates wants for the world, Bill Gates gets.

The Bill Gates ideology seems to become the virtue signalling ideology of the world.

❌ At some point, his influence needs to be regulated and scrutinised. He may well be right in certain things, but making them reality through unimaginable global influence and global propaganda is not ok.

🤷🏻‍♂️ Where’s the equally powerful alternate ideologies that are competing for the future? Oh, there ain’t any… this is a game of one. Rigged in his favour.


Wow. As soon as I post this, FB feel compelled to have this message show up. This sh1t is integrated! Clearly I must now be considered a Climate Change Denier for posting about Bill Gates and Climate Change in the same post. Geez. 1984 eat your heart out…

Facebook promoting Climate Change Proactively



Sky News piece linked in comment below – also widely covered by other publications.👇🏼

Tweets and article on right from @GHGguru (Frank Mitloehner) – linked in comment below. 👇🏼


The Original Facebook Post

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