It starts with you

Take away the stories and unique narratives, and deep down, we all just want to add value and make a difference whilst enjoying the life we’ve been given.

AdapNation was founded as our way to help you achieve that. To accelerate your path to unique greatness.

We’re all on a life long journey of self-optimisation and self-discovery – we’re just following different paths, at different paces, and at different points in time.

At its essence, AdapNation is all about you. We’re on a mission to collate life wisdom, with voracious curiosity and a sense of purpose.

Everyone needs a guidebook – an instruction manual on how best to do life, and whilst it will always be a work in progress, that’s what you can expect from us.

Do these needs strike a chord?

If so, you can expect our support!
  1. A fast-track to life wisdom, real truth, courage and faith in your unique greatness
  2. To extend your youthful years and make the most of life
  3. Know why you are here, and what you must do within your lifetime
  4. To get more done, with a greater sense of purpose and clarity
  5. To make a real difference… with no regrets
  6. Leading, sharing and paying your life wisdom forward to those around you
Do these wishes for life strike a chord?

We see the many obstacles

We have to navigate them for ourselves every day! Life is not easy, nor can it be. Problems will always be holding us back – demanding suffering, growth and new solutions.

But today, in 2020, life is getting complicated and confusing.

MODERN LIFE, CAPITALISM & SYSTEMS – all things that have helped achieve unprecedented prosperity, population growth and incredible innovation. There is a dark side, however:

  • Power, Control and Economy are the driving forces. You will receive upside, but your health and happiness is not the priority
  • False freedoms, misinformation, manipulation keeps us confused, distracted and disempowered to take full ownership
  • Religions fading in favour for science, technology replacing labour – our faith in the future and ourselves is challenged
The road ahead is treacherous

How are these playing out for us as individuals?

We’re naively confident, but deeply confused.

We lack certainty on nutrition, managing weight, wellness, fulfilment and how we can add real value.

The spark has been lit on a mental health crisis – low level immediate distractions numb our pain of lacking deep fulfilment. We enter the grind of the rat race, but have no directions to escape nor how to live… for us.

Obesity and lifestyle-induced illnesses are rampant and seemingly uncontrollable. Keeping healthy, energetic and in great shape feels out of reach for the masses.

Keeping momentum on the things that really matter is hard. We know there is more from life, but external distractions are relentless.

We feel judged and guilty. We need to keep up with the joneses on all fronts, and are made to feel sinful if we’re not following the dogma of activists and profit-hungry industry.

Feeling depressed and overwhelmed

We get it. Life’s a struggle.

To want a better life, but being paralysed with the uncertainty, confusion and noise. To experience a life where you simply feel like a pawn in someone else’s game.

“I too have been overwhelmed and frozen by the level of change needed to take charge of life.”

“I too understand how it feels to be cynical of all the advice and offers online, whilst still being unknowingly manipulated for other peoples benefit.”

Honestly, no one should have to experience deceit and manipulation when it comes to the simple questions of how to survive, thrive and be fulfilled. However, it happens all around us.

“And like you, I’m frustrated by the huge profits in spite of negligible positive outcomes from the fitness, weight loss, wellness and healthcare industries.”

“I know how it feels to seek out creature comforts, conveniences, immediate gratification and distractions, because it seems everyone else is so far ahead in the areas I care about.”

Steve Katasi

I’m no Guru, but I AM working it out…

If you ever hear someone claim to have all the answers… run! The more you learn, the more naïve you realise you are. Life has so much nuance, and we are all so different.
The best you can do is seek out curious, kind and committed individuals. The kind of people who think critically, ask great questions, and get stuck in the weeds on your behalf. Those who have the time, resources and critical thinking to be open minded without being gullible and dogmatic.
This is the person I try to be every day. I’ve walked away from an illustrious career in IT Security to obsessively commit everything I am (and have) to decoding what it takes to #BeYourBest.
I am on an ongoing journey of self-discovery and self-optimisation. I walk the talk, and am and outward expression of self-optimisation.
I’ve transformed my body, optimised my health, amplified my energy, clarified my purpose, accumulated precious knowledge, acquired real wealth, and turbo charged my passion for life.
The mission is to build a force-for-good platform, where I do some of the hard work for you. I’ve been gifted and cursed with a deeply curious mind that is hard to fatigue.
100’s of interviews with great minds, 10’s of thousands of hours in intellectual debate. Stacks of books. I’ve invested deeply in my own education and research, and have the space and time to synthesise and correlate all these concepts, whilst filtering out the noise.
This is my full time job. To engage with the grandiose and the minutia. Deleting the irrelevant, connecting the dots, asking those tough questions and adding real-world context. Condensing it all down to valuable insights that truly help you #BeYourBest.
Steve Katasi – Founder & Podcast Host

The Right Insights, at the Right Time

AdapNation is an open book. We believe in cannibalising markets that have been making a quick buck for far too long. Understanding what goes into living a life well lived with good health should be free!

AdapNation is a Personal Growth, Self-Optimisation & Wellness platform, focussed on inspiring you to #BeYourBest through curiosity, powerful insights and offering the right level of intellectual depth that can be acted on now:

The AdapNation deep-dive podcast | The reflections and lessons in our journals | The high-impact and practical information in our articles | Our #HyperWorkouts workout plans | The 100’s of nutritious meal ideas.

You’ve got access to it all, now! For free.

But there is one big issue. We’re always consuming. You’ve no shortage information vying for your attention.

Your biggest constraints are:

  1. Time
  2. Retention – Most info lacks structure and sequence
  3. Space – to act out new Info

If you have a burning desire to #BeYourBest, you must have a plan of attack for how you will learn, retain, internalise and execute.

Here’s the big question. Do you have the time, inclination and intuition to build up your Life Curriculum? Do you have a structure around that curriculum to ensure real change occurs, and fast enough?

If so, all power to you! That’s amazing.

Hopefully you also have people around you that are on the same wavelength – people to grow, explore and create solutions with. Good people that can hold you accountable, and guide you when you need help.

If you need some support with this upgrade process, then maybe AdapNation can help…

You still need to do the driving and the work, but we can bring this structure, sequence, context, and accountability.

All perfectly choreographed with tech and respect for how people digest information and create real change.

Want to know more? Check out the #BeYourBest Self-Optimisation Journey – a 100 day self-paced learning and  transformation journey.

The ugly truth about modern life

The Ugly Truth of Today. You must own this NOW...

Eroding Mental Health

1 in 4 people (16 million) in the UK will experience a Mental Health problem each year, leading to increased suicides and/or taking 10-20 years off of life.

Depression and anxiety being the second biggest global disease burden, when it comes to years lived with disabilities.

The Obesity Crisis

1.9 billion adults globally are overweight and 650 million are obese. These numbers have tripled in the last 45 years.

In the US, 39.8% of adults (93 million) are obese, and in the the UK, 1 in 4 adults and 1 in 5 children are overweight.

Disease is the New Normal

Western ‘affluence’ diseases such as Cancer, Heart Disease, Metabolic Syndrome and Diabetes are taking lives at an epidemic rate and feature strongly in the top 10 causes of death.

Diabetes, has seen a 400% increase in 40 years, affecting a minimum of 422 million people, and has directly and indirectly claimed the lives of 3.8 million people in 2016 alone.

We’re Less Happy & Satisfied

Affluent countries with lots of opportunity and peace, are paradoxically struggling with happiness, fulfilment and satisfaction.

Whilst true feelings are seldom fully expressed, objective measures in both the 2019 World Happiness Report and 2019 General Social Survey show a significant relative drop in self-reported happiness in the US over the last 15-30 years.

Spinning the Roulette Wheel of Life

The cost of doing nothing

You could ignore all of the above. Punt it down the road. But there is a price of inaction:

Opportunities favour the brave and courageous

Happiness, wealth, health, productivity and value come only when you pursue them

Status quo is continuing to decline our Quality of Life

Across Mental, Health, Energy, Vitality and Wellness.

More distraction and more misinformation is certain

meaning more confusion and disorientation is on the cards. Uncertainty and wasted energy is… certain.

Regret that life could have been better is harsh and haunting

Don’t watch life rush past… wishing you took more decisive action.

If you don’t take the reins of your life, others absolutely will

Don’t be owned by the humdrum of life, scrupulous media and other people.

Duped by unavoidable manipulation

Being naive and too busy with unimportant stuff will have you succumb to clever bullshit claims, and being misguided

What’s the solution?

The antidote? Invest in yourself. INVEST IN YOUR FUTURE.

Make your time on this planet count

Don’t waste time not knowing or being confused

Don’t accept being less than your best

Believe that you deserve better. That you can and must be more

You’ll never regret investing in your growth and wisdom

When to act?

The answer always is… NOW. It has to be.

Don’t waste another second being anything less than your best.

Just imagine living a life well lived...

We lack a guide book – an instruction manual of how best to do life.

But how would life be if you had that guide book? How would life be different if you had great certainty and clarity on what YOUR life well lived needs to look like?

Well, as a minimum:

You’ll be a Rare Breed

A leader. Very few people will master the ideas, principles and knowledge you now have access to.

You will have breadth, depth and currency in your knowledge of how to #BeYourBest.

You’ll be part of the inner circle – leading, nurturing valuable relationships, and developing new ideas together

Life will Make Sense

Many questions will be answered, and there will be greater ease in getting the foundations of life in your control. What you will gain from the 100 days, will last a lifetime.

You’ll expand Your Potential

You’re already special and uniquely valuable. With added accomplishment and completion, you will be freed up to get after your purpose with passion. To live fully.

To #BeYourBest, day after day, and make your mark.

You’ll start a Movement

Lets positively Adapt, as a Nation – Together. Life, nature and evolution is about continuous improvement. Let’s correct our mis-steps together.

Let’s continue to explore the full human potential. The potential of a community, a nation… our world.

The confidence when you are being your best

you have a choice...

To stay the same. Or to…


The choice is all yours. Change is challenging. Growing pains are inevitable. But the upside… wow!

Let's do this!

If you relate at some level to the left column, and/or want you life to look more like the right… then you know what to do.

#BeYourBest Journey - What you will gain
#BeYourBest Journey - Your Average day, upgraded!

What are you waiting for?

It’s time to Optimise your Mind. Your Body. Your Life.
Get started now! Don’t regret staying the same…