About Steve Katasi

Steve Katasi founded AdapNation in January 2018. Prior to his utter dedication and focus to the mission of AdapNation – to help you #BeYourBest – Steve leveraged his technical, analytical, business, and customer-centric skills to develop an illustrious business development career within the domain of IT Security.

Having architected and nurtured large contracts around secure software development and protecting customer data, Steve became one of the highest performing individuals in the IT Security industry globally.

This career allowed for an at-risk transition to fund, create, build and develop the solely-owned AdapNation Ltd, where he underwent a transformative degree of new skills acquisition – from business creation, technology development, media production and broad subject matter expertise relating to all things Self-Discovery, Self-Optimisation and Self-Actualisation.

Buckminster Fuller

“I live on Earth at present, and I don’t know what I am. I know that I am not a category. I am not a thing — a noun. I seem to be a verb, an evolutionary process — an integral function of Universe.” For most people, their next question was, “Who is this guy?”

– Buckminster Fuller

What Steve has learned and experienced through his almost 40 years continues to shape him into the unique person he is. There is no one experience or moment of learning that defines him, and nor is it relevant to the man he precisely needs to be today… and tomorrow. Like us all, judge a person based on their integrity, honesty and quality of their work… not by the letters after their name.

Why? Because as soon as you’ve learnt something formally, it starts to age. Ideas and material quickly become obsolete. Our character, intellect and belief systems are constantly evolving, and that experience is made so enthralling today with the abundance of deep expert insights you can explore for free if you have the willingness, time and a critical thinking mindset.

Above all else, Steve Katasi is a relentless truth-seeker, a deep thinker and an incessant questioner – this comes through strongly in all his work at AdapNation.

Education & Experience (Prior to AdapNation)

  • A-Levels – A’s in Advanced Mathematics, Statistics, Physics & Design
  • University – Aeronautical Engineering at Imperial College London (left Uni to pursue career)
  • Corporate Career – An illustrious and high-performing 10-year career in Corporate IT Security business development, consulting and constructing multi-million dollar contracts with the largest businesses in the world.
  • Corporate Training – LPMA Leadership, Force Mgmt Strategic Selling & Negotiating, Presentation Skills & various other business development training.
  1. A one year deep dive Evidence-Based Nutrition & Microbiology course with BTN Academy.
  2. Three years of tuition and counsel on hypertrophy weight training and rehab from from highly certified PT Bryn Jenkins.
  3. Deep dive evidence-based interviews from 100+ leading experts in their respective fields.
  4. Published 350+ pieces including deep dive articles relating to the six #BeYourBest foundations.
  5. Two years of research and development to produce a one-of-kind 100 Day Personal Growth online programme covering 330+ topics.
  6. Extensive research-oriented reading of 30-50 scientific and psychological books a year from renowned experts.
  7. 40-50+ hours of deep dive extensive scientific research a week.
  8. Produced 20+ expertly-written Gym Training Programmes.
  9. Appeared on several wellness Podcasts, written for Medium’s Personal Growth publication, and covered by several wellbeing media outlets.
  10. Two 3-Day intensive Tony Robbins Self-Optimisation, Wellbeing & NLP training.
  11. Technology skills – End-to-end website development and management, podcast production, video production, statistical analysis software, SEO & SEM, and infographic media creation.
  12. Extensive Research, Statistical Analysis and Educational content production regarding epidemiology, immunology and virology as it relates to Respiratory Infectious Diseases and COVID-19*.

* Much of this research and analysis can be found in the COVID Insights & COVID Content sections of this website and shared on AdapNation’s Facebook page.