#102: Suffering is Your Path to Purposeful Greatness ~Mike McCastle

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Multi world-record holder Mike McCastle joins us for a truly inspirational conversation about testing the limits of human potential through his story of the 12 Labours Project.

Mike spent 11 years in the US Navy after 9/11 inspired him to serve. However, his identify was destroyed when injury and surgery took his physicality from him. From this dark place, he found the purpose and fortitude to test the limits of his soul over the last half decade, through awe inspiring feats of human physical performance.

Mike McCastle has completed 5804 pull ups in 24 hours, flipped a 250lbs tyre for 13 miles straight, climbed a rope for the height of Mount Everest, and pulled a 2 ton truck through Death Valley for 22 miles! All with charity and inspiring greatness in mind. We get into some of these insane feats on the show.


However, this podcast is more about YOU, than it is Mike. We dig into and attempt to decode his infinitely stoic mindset and capacity for pain and suffering, in order to pull the relatable and accessible ideas out for you to think about and implement… in your own way.

Really, this conversation is about committing to a life of greatness, embracing suffering and struggle, how personal belief, purpose and commitment are critical to a life well-lived, and how to control your tyrant of a chimp brain that always want to quit and take the easy path. Fascinating stuff!

Enjoy. And… #BeYourBest!

Here’s what we discuss:

  • Introduction to Mike McCastle
  • Why all the effort and the 12 labours?!
  • Insights into Mike’s Labours – Pull Up Challenge, Tyre Flip, Everest Rope Climb, Truck Pull
  • The value in embracing fear and accepting potential failure
  • How Mike makes the impossible plausible
  • How to overcome doubt, uncertainty and hesitation in huge tasks
  • The power and necessity of Personal Belief and Purpose
  • What is real Commitment and how few people really commit, no matter what
  • How Suffering is unavoidable, and why Mike leans in to suffering and struggle
  • True suffering is regret, inaction and what ifs…
  • Achieving Presence and Mindfulness through pain and suffering
  • Legacy – your tombstone, or a valued inspiring impact on the world?
  • How Mike controls his weak and lazy Chimp Brain through unshakable commitment and belief
  • What is a Life Well-Lived?
  • Where would Mike be without the 12 Labours Project?

Where to find MIKE McCASTLE and his work:

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