Creamy Meatballs & Mushrooms on Rice

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Calories: 1427 kcal (or 797 kcal smaller portion)

Macros: 77g Protein, 64g Carb & 99g Fat


Simple, nutritious and absolutely dee-li-cious! You can’t beat the satiation and satisfaction of a meal rich in healthy fats – it’s the sumptuous flavour, how it feels in your mouth, and the strong gut happiness signals. 15% home made meatballs without anything added are super tasty, especially when combined with Chestnut Mushrooms and red onions in a rich creamy sauce. Serve this on some Buttery Basmati Rice, and life is goooood! 😋

We chose Rice as it’s easy on the stomach and without the issues come with gluten-based pasta. That said, feel free to add in some pasta if you prefer. Also consider some cherry tomatoes and a little veg if you’ll looking for some additional dimensions to the plate.

For a smaller portion, drop down to 200g Beef Mince, 40g Double Cream, 5g Butter and 40g uncooked. This would save a whopping 630 calories, without compromising on the flavours or nutritional goodness whatsoever.

Cooking Time: 20mins

Creamy Meatballs & Mushrooms on Rice


  • Beef Mince (ground, 15% fat) – 350g
  • Double Cream – 80ml
  • Red Onions (sliced) – 30g
  • Gluten Free Gravy (granules) – 1x teaspoon
  • Chestnut Mushrooms – 6x
  • Dried Oregano – 1x teaspoon
  • Basmati Rice (dry, uncooked) – 70g
  • Grass Fed Butter – 10g
  • Water – 50ml for Sauce, 150ml for Rice
  • Seasoning – Rock Salt & Black Pepper

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  • Grass-fed Beef is one of the most nutritious foods you can eat, and is a great source of protein, Creatine and Carnosine, both very supportive to having developing and maintaining a lean physique and brain function. It is loaded with vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and various other nutrients that can have profound effects on health, such as Niacin, B12, B6, Iron, Zinc and Selenium. Grass-fed beef is even more nutritious than grain-fed, containing plenty of heart healthy Omega-3s, the fatty acid CLA, along with more Vitamins A and E.
  • Grass-Fed Butter is a great source of healthy-fats that promote optimal health and hormone production. Furthermore, Butter contains only trace amounts of lactose.
  • White Mushrooms are being touted as nature’s nutritional supplement as they are loaded with the nutrients our bodies need to generate energy and repair cells — including digestive enzymes, a spectrum of B vitamins, protein, and vitamin D2.
  • White Rice is pretty empty when it comes to nutrients to be honest, but it is so much better than choosing Brown Rice as the harmful Lectins (such as Gluten) in the wholegrain have mostly been removed. Great for getting in easily digested carbs and calories.
  • Double Cream – When cows’ milk reaches the dairy, it contains a liquid substance called butterfat, and this, when it’s skimmed off the surface of the milk, is cream, or what we know as double cream. It is extremely rich with a minimum fat content of 48 per cent, most of which being nutritious saturated fat. It’s high in fat-soluble vitamins A, D and K, as well as calcium, choline, vitamin E and phosphorus. Of course, it’s high in calories, so manage portion sizes carefully.
  • Onions great sources of indigestible fibre (inulin) and have prebiotic benefits for your guts microbiome.

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