Cypriot Patates me Avga (and sausage!)

Calories: 794 kcal Macros: 51g Protein, 37g Carb & 51g Fat DESCRIPTION: How can something so so simple, taste sooooooo good?! This brings back childhood memories, as it's an English take on a quick and easy Cypriot classic - Cypriot Patates me Avga. At home, the potatoes would be more chip-like, and the sausage would be... Continue Reading →

Devilled-ish Livers on Sourdough Toast

Calories: 736 kcal Macros: 37g Protein, 47g Carb & 45g Fat DESCRIPTION: This is AMAZING! You got to try it. It's our take on the British classic lunch - Chicken Devilled Livers, but we changed a bunch. Firstly, no added alcohol. Second, the use of Lamb Liver for farming practice and nutrition reasons. Thirdly, the addition... Continue Reading →

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