Flaked Salmon & Lemony Mascarpone, Poached Egg & Mushroom Rice

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Calories: 1061 kcal (or 695 kcal smaller portion)

Macros: 68g Protein, 69g Carb & 58g Fat


Salmon and runny Eggs – a marriage made in heaven. So whether you want this combo at lunch or dinner, this meal is a winner as it raises the stakes! Flake pan-fried Salmon fillets into a generous helping of Mascarpone and a squeeze of lemon – YUM! Keep it together with some cucumber strips, and place a runny poached egg over the top. Yes, it’s as good as it sounds. Add to a bed of Mushroom Rice, and garnish with a few cherry tomatoes. This is one feel-good plate of healthy goodness. 😋

For a smaller portion, drop down to 1x Salmon fillet, 25g Mascarpone and 50g uncooked. This would save a whopping 366 calories, without compromising on the flavours or nutritional goodness whatsoever.

Cooking Time: 25mins

Flaked Salmon & Lemony Mascarpone, Poached Egg & Mushroom Rice p2


  • Salmon Fillets (skin removed) – 2x
  • Basmati Rice (dry, uncooked) – 70g
  • Free Range Eggs – 1x
  • Grass Fed Butter – 10g
  • Chestnut Mushrooms – 4x
  • Mascarpone – 45g
  • Cherry Tomatoes – 6x
  • Cucumber – ½ x medium
  • Lemon – ½ x fruit
  • Water – 150ml for Rice
  • Seasoning – Rock Salt

Flaked Salmon & Lemony Mascarpone, Poached Egg & Mushroom Rice p3


  • Salmon is a great source of protein, that is rich in Omega-3 Fatty Acids (great for the brain), high in Vitamin B, good source of potassium and loaded in Selenium. All combined give a host of benefits ranging from cardiovascular, improved mood and cognition, Joint protection and eye benefits.
  • Eggs are great source of protein and should be a staple for most active people, with egg yolk providing a nice hit of good cholesterol that helps with hormone production and cell energy. They contain calcium, iron, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium, sodium, and zinc.
  • Grass-Fed Butter is a great source of healthy-fats that promote optimal health and hormone production. Furthermore, Butter contains only trace amounts of lactose.
  • White Mushrooms are being touted as nature’s nutritional supplement as they are loaded with the nutrients our bodies need to generate energy and repair cells — including digestive enzymes, a spectrum of B vitamins, protein, and vitamin D2.
  • Lemon promotes hydration, is a good source of Vitamin C, supports weight loss and can aid digestion.
  • White Rice is pretty empty when it comes to nutrients to be honest, but it is so much better than choosing Brown Rice as the harmful Lectins (such as Gluten) in the wholegrain have mostly been removed. Great for getting in easily digested carbs and calories.
  • Tomatoes are the major dietary source of the antioxidant lycopene. They are also a great source of vitamin C, potassium, folate and vitamin K. However, due to lectins present in their seeds and skin, some inflammatory response and sensitivities can occur with digesting tomatoes. Cooking and High pressure cooking, as well as removing the seeds can eliminate the lectins and make them more digestible.

Flaked Salmon & Lemony Mascarpone, Poached Egg & Mushroom Rice p4

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