#103: How To Maximise ‘Natty’ Muscle Growth ~Paul Carter

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Interview with Paul Carter – the straight talking, seriously knowledgable and impactful leader in the online bodybuilding community.

An awesome conversation for the normal guy or gal trying to naturally maximise their muscle building results in the gym. A MUST LISTEN episode. Be prepared to be challenged…

Paul is a resident writer for T-Nation, with 5+ years of world class writing under his belt, including several books and pieces for M&F and Flex. Paul has been training with intent for 30+ years, has powerlifted for a decade, and has developed both an enviable bodybuilding knowledge-base and physique.

What Paul Carter doesn’t know about the gym and developing your physique… isn’t worth knowing. Most interestingly, he’s committed to a life of Wellness AND developing Size for the last four years, and describes this change as a massive paradigm shift for himself.

This is a great episode, as Steve gets SCHOOLED… several times throughout the chat. You need these conversations. To test you understanding of the world, and a willingness to change your view or beliefs if someone gives you great reasons to. That’s what Paul did today,

I (Steve) am incredibly grateful for Paul’s care to call BS on some ideas I’ve been exploring, as well as some of my recent decisions. Muscle building is very nuanced and individual, but some things are too compelling to not pay closer attention to.

This is a cracker! Enjoy… and #BeYourBest

Here’s what we discuss:

  1. Paul Carter’s lifting career, including his youth, powerlifting career, and most recent focus on biomechanics
  2. Paul’s lifting and nutritional strategy for the first 10+ years
  3. The 3 biggest reasons people struggle to build size and muscle in the gym
  4. Paul’s beef with Excess Volume, Reps In Reserve, and High Frequency for muscle growth
  5. Why you need to Train To True Failure for the first 5 years, consistently!
  6. Why Volume Loading Progressive Overload is absolute BS and hurting your gains, according to Paul
  7. Paul TOP 3 Priorities for Muscle Growth – the Right Movements, Perfecting the movements, and then… PO.
  8. How to know when you are getting your Frequency and Volume right in the Gym
  9. Paul’s idea of Minimum Dose, Maximum Effect training, with very few incredibly hard sets…
  10. What are Growth Stimulating Reps, Growth Sets and what’s the deal with Time Under Tension?
  11. What is True Failure? Is it subjective? How do you know?
  12. What is Steve doing wrong in the gym? Does he need to change his focus?
  13. Do you get Nervous and Anxious under the bar? Should you back away from pursuing strength if the goal is just muscle growth?
  14. What’s the deal with Bulking & Cutting? Is there a time to Power Shovel, or are you just spinning your wheels and not gaining muscle?
  15. Why Paul is convinced that prioritising health and wellness is the secret to quality muscle gains and life enjoyment.
  16. What does Paul Carter’s diet look like now? Plus, pro tips for wellness and muscle.

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  1. I wish I knew these concepts decades ago that Paul described! Could have saved myself so much time in the gym. Please have him on again!

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