AdapNation’s Penne Tutti Gusti – Gluten Free!

Calories: 1361 kcal (or 681kcal) Macros: 86g Protein, 189g Carb & 30g Fat DESCRIPTION Looooooooooooove this! I very really pasta these days, as I avoid gluten for the most part, and I have a knack for not knowing when to stop. 😬 However, there is an increasing variety of readily available gluten free options which taste almost identical... Continue Reading →

Gluten-Free Chicken & Spinach Spaghetti

Calories: 1029kcal (or 623kcal) Macros: 55g Protein, 148g Carb & 24g Fat When/Why Oooh yeah - such a rich and tasty indulgent evening meal! Yum. Over the last year, I've gone gluten-free for the most part, due to it's inflammatory, addictive and calorific qualities. That said, I loooove Italian food, especially pasta. This is a great alternative,... Continue Reading →

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