Goats Cheese Omelette & Avocado Sourdough Toast

Calories: 827kcal (or 547kcal) Macros: 49g Protein, 34g Carb & 60g Fat When/Why You have to try this dish. It's so simple, quick and healthy, yet is it absolutely packed with contrasting yet complimenting flavours. Minimal to no gluten, digestion friendly cheese and a great source of protein and fats - you can't ask for more. The perfect post-workout... Continue Reading →

Red Pesto Chicken, Rainbow Carrots & Jacket Potato

Calories: 1312kcal (or 828kcal) Macros: 88g Protein, 120g Carb & 53g Fat When/WhyAbsolutely everything on this dinner plate is packed with incredible flavours and textures. The Sun Dried Pesto Chicken with Goats Cheese is to die for! Rich and indulgent, but with only goodness inside. The Rainbow Carrots are awesome as they look so cool and they... Continue Reading →

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