Ham, Red Pesto & Goats Cheese Omelette with Sourdough

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Calories: 1035 kcal (or 656 kcal)

Macros: 66g Protein, 77g Carb & 55g Fat


This is a perfect post-workout meal, as you get a a solid hit of both protein and carbs. Carbs post workout help spike insulin and transport the protein to the muscles to get synthesised. So tasty with the pesto and goats cheese! Personally, I’ve made the choice to eliminate most gluten and cow diary from my diet, as both have an effect on me and are renowned for being quite damaging to the gut over time. Sourdough is fermented (40 hour is better) using a certain bacteria and yeast, as opposed to gluten rich bakers yeast. This breaks down and dramatically reduces the gluten toxicity in flour. Goats do not contain a certain mutation in the milk that most cows do, making their milk and cheese much more digestion friendly.

Reduce 380 calories by dropping to two eggs and one piece of sourdough.


  • Eggs – 4x
  • Grass Fed Butter – 15g (for omelette and bread)
  • Mushrooms – 4x medium
  • Goats Cheese – 60g
  • Red Pesto – 2x teaspoons
  • Sliced Ham – 2x
  • Diced Onions – 2x tablespoons
  • Sourdough – 2x medium slices


Eggs are great source of protein and should be a staple for most active people, with egg yolk providing a nice hit of good cholesterol that helps with hormone production and cell energy. mushrooms and onions are prebiotics for the micrbiome — augmenting the growth of beneficial bacteria such as Acidophilus and Bifidobacterium. Sourdough gives you the enjoyment of bread with a significantly reduced hit of gluten, that is inflammatory to your gut.


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