Garlic Chicken, Sweet Potato Wedges, Hummus & Veg

Calories: 945kcal (or 586kcal) Macros: 82g Protein, 110g Carb & 22g Fat When/Why So many complimentary tasty flavours on this 100% whole food dinner - no processed foods in sight. In todays modern western diets, we don't get enough fibre and nutrient density, plus the processed packaged foods dull our sensitivity to whole foods. Try eating whole... Continue Reading →

Mmmm…. Sausages, Jacket & Hummus!

Calories: 1365 kcal (or 840 kcal) Macros: 61g Protein, 104g Carb & 82g Fat When/Why: What can I say. Hungry? Salivating yet? 97% pork Sausages, with a Hummus filled buttery Sweet Potato, sautéed mushrooms and tasty madly of Leek and Broccoli. Delicious. A great dinner, without the carb coma that comes from heavy white potato or pasta.... Continue Reading →

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