Indo-Italian Chicken Curry & Rice

Calories: 1015 kcal (or 507 kcal smaller portion) Macros: 92g Protein, 112g Carb & 22g Fat DESCRIPTION Indo-Italian - the fusion of Indian and Italian cuisine, is a confusing but exciting experience for your palate and well worth a try. This easy to make curry blends the tastes of say an arrabbiata pasta dish with a spicy... Continue Reading →

Quick & Easy Chicken Thai Green Curry (for two)

Calories: 744 kcal per person (1457 kcal total) Macros Per Person: 35g Protein, 55g Carb & 30g Fat DESCRIPTION Changing your consumption and nutrition habits can be tough at first. If you can start with easy convenience and go on the journey with your partner it can make it so much more achievable. This amongst other AdapNation... Continue Reading →

AdapNation’s Penne Tutti Gusti – Gluten Free!

Calories: 1361 kcal (or 681kcal) Macros: 86g Protein, 189g Carb & 30g Fat DESCRIPTION Looooooooooooove this! I very really pasta these days, as I avoid gluten for the most part, and I have a knack for not knowing when to stop. 😬 However, there is an increasing variety of readily available gluten free options which taste almost identical... Continue Reading →

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