Honey & Sesame Thai Tuna Steak, with Rice Noodles & Veg

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Calories: 950 kcal (or 565kcal)

Macros: 82g Protein, 108g Carb & 21g Fat


Tuna Steaks marinaded in Thai-inspired ginger and lemongrass, then seared with Honey and Sesame Seeds. Delicious! Combined the sweet and crunchy vibe with crispy fresh Mange Tout and Carrots bathed in a little butter, all on a bed of Mushroom Rice Noodles – healthy, low fat and a nice fusion of cuisine. The is perfect for those who prefer to have a lower fat meal or diet whilst packing in the protein, but may be a little lacking for folk who need the greater satiation that comes with more healthy fats. Personally, I prefer more dietary fat in my dinner as the norm, but this makes for a yummy fresh change.

For a smaller lower calorie option, drop to 1x Tuna Steak, 150g Rice Noodles (dry weight) and half the Butter, Soy Sauce and Sesame Seeds. This will save you a generous 385 calories.

Honey & Sesame Tuna Steak


  • Fresh Tuna Steaks – 2x
  • Honey – 1x teaspoon
  • Sesame Seeds – 1x teaspoon
  • Lemongrass Paste – 1x teaspoon
  • Lazy Ginger (pre-crushed) – ½ x teaspoon
  • Coconut Oil – ½ x teaspoon
  • Rice Noodles (gluten free, dry weight) – 300g
  • Mushrooms – 8x small
  • Light Soy Sauce – 3x teaspoons
  • Carrots – 2x medium
  • Mange Tout – 150g
  • Butter – 15g


  • Tuna is an incredibly lean and low calorie source of high-quality protein. Packed with Omega-3 fatty acids and all the essential amino acids. Due to the mercury content, it’s not advised to eat every day.
  • Mushrooms & Mange Tout are great sources of indigestible dietary fibre and have prebiotic benefits for your guts microbiome.
  • White Mushrooms are being touted as nature’s nutritional supplement as they are loaded with the nutrients our bodies need to generate energy and repair cells — including digestive enzymes, a spectrum of B vitamins, protein, and vitamin D2.
  • Carrots are a rich source of Beta carotene – a powerful antioxidant that can also be converted into vitamin A in the body to help maintain healthy skin.
  • Mange tout is a good source of B1 (thiamin) and folic acid. And because you eat the whole pod, mange tout are a greater source of the antioxidant vitamins A and C than ordinary peas.
  • Sesame seeds have a high source of cholesterol-lowering phytosterols and is a good source of iron, magnesium and fibre.
  • Raw Honey contains disease-preventing and disease-fighting flavonoids and antioxidants and has been scientifically proven to help with allergies, diabetes, sleep problems, coughs and wound healing. Due to 53% fructose content, limit consumption to avoid spiking insulin.
  • Coconut Oil is high in healthy fats called medium-chain fatty acids (MCFAs) that increase healthy cholesterol. MCFAs provide the perfect source of energy because they are much easier to digest and convert to energy, are not readily stored as fat, antimicrobial and antifungal.
  • Grass Fed Butter is a great sources healthy-fats that promote optimal health and hormone production.
  • Ginger is cited to be an anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, Antinausea and weight loss aid.
  • White Rice (int he noodles) is pretty empty when it comes to nutrients to be honest, but it is so much better than choosing Brown Rice as the harmful Lectins (such as Gluten) in the wholegrain have mostly been removed.


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