AdapNation’s Posh Fry Up

Calories: 1145 kcal (or 677 kcal smaller portion) Macros: 64g Protein, 78g Carb & 65g Fat DESCRIPTION Take a look at these pics with caution - your mouth will water. You will get hungry! This meal marries together the lure of a great British fry up with the hipster nutritious vibe that is becoming so popular globally.... Continue Reading →

Michelle’s Fish & Chips with Mushy Peas

Calories: 1158 kcal (or 773 kcal) Macros: 68g Protein, 71g Carb & 66g Fat Description Genius! So surprised with how healthy yet indulgent this tasted. You must give it a go! A modern and super healthy take on the English classic - Fish & Chips with Mushy Peas. Replace the battered flavourless Cod/Hake for a pan fried... Continue Reading →

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