Rich Beef & Chicken Liver Stew with Crispy Roast Potatoes (for two)

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Calories: 675 kcal (per person)

Macros: 75g Protein, 47g Carb & 23g Fat (per person)


It’s true, I’m a new convert to eating liver. It’s an acquired taste, but it’s worth preserving with for its sheer richness of nutrition – it’s the best multivitamin you can get your hands on! The key with liver is to minimally cook it so it retains its sweet fleshiness and doesn’t turn into pap. The difference is huge! This stew is indulgent, rich, incredibly satiating and homely. The rendered down Beef in gravy, with the intensity of the liver and the comfort of the bone marrow is perfect for the colder months. Here, we balance the stew with some Tallow-crisped Roast Potatoes and  boiled carrots. Yum!  😋.

This is for two people to share. The macros above represent half of the pictured plate.

p.s. we did overcook the liver here! D’oh.

Cooking Time: 3 hours

Rich Beef & Chicken Liver Stew with Crispy Roast Potatoes p2


  • Stewing Beef – 550g
  • Chicken Liver – 100g
  • Mushrooms – 10x medium
  • Cherry Tomatoes -10x
  • GF Gravy – 100ml
  • Bone Marrow – 10g
  • Beef Dripping – 10g
  • White Potatoes – 420g
  • Seasoning & Flavours – Sea Salt, Ground Cloves & Ground Cinnamon

Rich Beef & Chicken Liver Stew with Crispy Roast Potatoes p3


  • Grass-fed Beef is one of the most nutritious foods you can eat, and is a great source of protein, Creatine and Carnosine, both very supportive to having developing and maintaining a lean physique and brain function. It is loaded with vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and various other nutrients that can have profound effects on health, such as Niacin, B12, B6, Iron, Zinc and Selenium. Grass-fed beef is even more nutritious than grain-fed, containing plenty of heart healthy Omega-3s, the fatty acid CLA, along with more Vitamins A and E.
  • Liver (generally)– no single food contains the same variety or amount of nutrients as liver, and it is shown that eating foods that are high in nutrients but low in calories reduce hunger. Liver is high in protein, low in fat and contains incredible amounts of bioavailable Vitamin B12, Vitamin, Copper and Riboflavin (B2). Liver also contains a good amount of Folate (B9), and Choline. All of this amounts to a superfood that helps with the formation of DNA and red blood cells, healthy brain function, healthy vision, immune function, reproduction, cell growth, regulating energy production and brain development.
  • Carrots are a rich source of Beta carotene – a powerful antioxidant that can also be converted into vitamin A (in low amounts) in the body to help maintain healthy skin.
  • White Mushrooms are being touted as nature’s nutritional supplement as they are loaded with the nutrients our bodies need to generate energy and repair cells — including digestive enzymes, a spectrum of B vitamins, protein, and vitamin D2.
  • Bone Marrow is one of the best sources of collagen, needed to promote healthy skin and joints. It is also a rich source of Glycine, that supports the bodies internal antioxidant and anti-inflammatory status. Whilst rich in fat and calories, the portion sizes are generally very small, yet you get a nice amount of essential B12 and Riboflavin.
  • Tomatoes are the major dietary source of the antioxidant lycopene, which has been linked to many health benefits, including reduced risk of heart disease and cancer. They are also a great source of vitamin C, potassium, folate and vitamin K. However, due to the lectins present in their seeds and skin, some inflammatory response and sensitivities can occur with digesting tomatoes. Cooking and High pressure cooking, as well as removing the seeds can eliminate the lectins and make them more digestible.
  • Beef Dripping / Tallow is a great fat to use for cooking, and should replace the inflammatory seed oils that are common place. It has healthy saturated fats our bodies rely on, Choline, Vitamin D, Vitamin E and Selenium, as well as Cholesterol. These fats don’t oxidise and turn inflammatory under cooking temperatures, and help with the transport of vitamins.
  • White Potatoes are an excellent source for vitamins C and B6, a good source for fibre and manganese, and have more potassium than bananas. However, Because potatoes maintain one of the highest glycemic index values of any food, they cause blood sugar levels to rapidly rise which in turn cause our blood insulin concentrations to increase. Then of course you get the issues that arise when deep fried in unhealthy oils.

Rich Beef & Chicken Liver Stew with Crispy Roast Potatoes p4

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