Delicious Home-Made Chicken Korma

Calories: 1263 kcal (or 632 kcal smaller portion) Macros: 106g Protein, 123g Carb & 42g Fat DESCRIPTION: I've always loved a Chicken Korma - creamy, slightly sweet, rich, saucy and just a mild kick. The problem is, a great Indian restaurant can blend it perfectly with fresh produce, but when you attempt the same thing with a... Continue Reading →

Spicy Coconut, Spinach & Chickpea Chicken Curry

Calories: 1152 kcal (or 576 kcal smaller portion) Macros: 104g Protein, 127g Carb & 30g Fat DESCRIPTION: Completely home-made deliciousness! Michelle took inspiration from a packet curry in the supermarket, but made it without gluten, preservatives and other artificial ingredients, and amplified the tastes for our families liking. A top tip right there! This curry has a... Continue Reading →

Creamy Thai Chicken with Rice & Tender Veg

Calories: 866 kcal (or 503 kcal) Macros: 76g Protein, 69g Carb & 31g Fat When/Why This was an unexpected treat by the wife. Tasty without being overpowering or loaded with too many ingredients and salt - kinda typical with eastern food made for western palettes. The creamy and perfectly flavoured sauce perfectly coats the moist chicken, accompanied... Continue Reading →

Red Thai Chicken Curry with Tender Veg

Calories: 1542kcal (or 840kcal) Macros: 72g Protein, 143g Carb & 72g Fat When/Why Yum!! But I have a confession: This is a Biiiig plate of food, but it absolutely doesn't have to be. Most importantly, it's a delicious tasting meal, easy to put together and has the healthy goodness of coconut milk, mushrooms, onions, chicken and tender... Continue Reading →

Spicy Sweet Potato & Chicken Soup

Calories: 971kcal (or 590kcal) Macros: 39g Protein, 119g Carb & 37g Fat When/Why I do love a soup with buttery bread. The problem is, I've realised that I don't do too well with tomatoes, especially in such concentrated soup forms. Apparently it's quite common due to the lectins within Tomatoes. So, this is a great tasty alternative... Continue Reading →

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