The BEST British Fry Up Ever! – IIFYM+ Thrive inspired

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Calories: 1381 kcal (or 904kcal)

Macros: 57g Protein, 121g Carb & 79g Fat


Incredible. Just incredible. As we travelled Australia, we got inspired by the healthier brunch options. We had a veggie fry up and it was pretty good with likes of avocado and sourdough etc – just missed the meat! 🤣 So, we replaced the Sourdough for coconut-flour dusted Sweet Potato Fries which are so incredibly tasty whilst being health-boosting. Wow. Then, naturally, we added some caramelised red onion finest sausages into the mix and poached our eggs. I’m salivating just thinking back at this meal. Throw in fresh Avocado, grilled Baby Plum Tomatoes and some exotic mushrooms and that you have is the best (yet healthiest) fry up you will ever have! A bold statement, but isn’t overstated in my opinion. 😋

For a smaller lower calorie option without sacrificing the taste combo, reduce the Sweet Potato to 200g, drop to two eggs and two sausages and reduce your Butter and Rice Bran Oil by half. This will save you 476 calories.

IIFYM+ Thrive – Great Body & Nutritional Wellness – a sustainable eating approach

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  • Caramelised Red Onion Pork Sausages – 3x links
  • Free Range Eggs – 3x
  • Sweet Potato – 344g
  • Groovy Coconut Flour – 1x teaspoon
  • Rice Bran Oil – 2x teaspoons
  • Avocado – ½ fruit / 70g
  • White Mushrooms – 4x medium
  • Exotic Mushrooms Selection (from Tescos) – 50g
  • Grass-Fed Butter – 8g
  • Baked Beans – 60g
  • Baby Plum Tomatoes – 57g
  • Balsamic Vinegar – ½ teaspoon
  • Honey – ½ teaspoon
  • Seasoning/flavours – Sea Salt & Black Pepper

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  • Sweet Potato offers a nice hit of vitamin A, C, Copper, K & B6, plus has a lower blood sugar response than white potato due to it’s high fibre content that slows the absorption of the carbs.
  • Eggs are great source of protein and should be a staple for most active people, with egg yolk providing a nice hit of good cholesterol that helps with hormone production and cell energy. They contain calcium, iron, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium, sodium, and zinc.
  • Quality High-meat content Sausages, are high in protein and essential vitamins, minerals, creatine and amino acid good for overall health. Lean pork, when trimmed of visible fat, is nutrient-dense and satisfying. Best to treat pork as a treat as there are more nutritious meats.
  • Avocados are an incredible source of heart-healthy fats. They are also incredibly nutritious, have more potassium than bananas, are loaded with fibre and can lower triglyceride levels.
  • Grass Fed Butter is a great source of healthy-fats that promote optimal health and hormone production.
  • Mushrooms are great sources of indigestible fibre and have prebiotic benefits for your guts microbiome.
  • White Mushrooms are being touted as nature’s nutritional supplement as they are loaded with the nutrients our bodies need to generate energy and repair cells — including digestive enzymes, a spectrum of B vitamins, protein, and vitamin D2.
  • Raw Honey contains disease-preventing and disease-fighting flavonoids and antioxidants and has been scientifically proven to help with allergies, diabetes, sleep problems, coughs and wound healing. Due to 53% fructose content, limit consumption to avoid spiking insulin.

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