Herb Crusted Salmon with Shredded Sweet Potato & Balsamic Tomatoes

Calories: 877 kcal (or 521 kcal smaller portion)

Macros: 69g Protein, 76g Carb & 34g Fat


Crusted meats generally are a crowd pleaser – and these Herb Crusted Salmon Fillets don’t disappoint! Nor do they have any gluten. They have crunch, boldness of Pesto and the comfort that comes from the healthy fats and protein in Salmon. Cut through the breadcrumbs with the sharp and sweet tang of the Baby Plum Tomatoes cooked in Balsamic Vinegar. Bring some green fibre goodness with some fresh Green Beans. Lastly, wow your tastebuds by combining with some shredded Sweet Potato pan fried with some mixed herbs. LOVE THIS. 💕 

For a smaller portion, drop to 1x Salmon Fillet, 150g Sweet Potato and halve all Salmon Crust ingredients. This would save you 356 calories, without compromising on the flavours whatsoever.

Herb Crusted Salmon with Shredded Sweet Potato & Balsamic Tomatoes p2


  • Wild Caught Salmon – 2x Fillet (with skin)
  • Sweet Potato – 195g (once peeled & grated)
  • Mixed Herbs – ½ x teaspoon
  • Baby Plum Tomatoes – 10x / 100g
  • Green Beans – 107g
  • Balsamic Vinegar – 1 x teaspoon
  • Season to taste – Sea Salt & Black Pepper

Salmon Crust:

  • Gluten Free Breadcrumbs (Free From) – 25g
  • Green Pesto – 15g
  • Dried Basil – 1 ½ x teaspoon
  • Dried Oregano – 1x teaspoon
  • Cinnamon – ½ x teaspoon
  • Garlic Salt – 1x teaspoon

Herb Crusted Salmon with Shredded Sweet Potato & Balsamic Tomatoes p3


  • Salmon is a great source of protein, that is rich in Omega-3 Fatty Acids (great for the brain), high in Vitamin B, good source of potassium and loaded in Selenium. All combined give a host of benefits ranging from cardiovascular, improved mood and cognition, Joint protection and eye benefits.
  • Sweet Potato offers a nice hit of vitamin A, C, Copper, K & B6, plus has a lower blood sugar response than white potato due to it’s high fibre content that slows the absorption of the carbs.
  • Garlic is a great source of indigestible fibre (inulin) and has prebiotic benefits for your guts microbiome.
  • Garlic being consumed on a daily basis (in food or raw) helps to lower cholesterol levels because of the anti-oxidant properties of Allicin. It is also immensely beneficial to regulate blood pressure and blood sugar levels.
  • Pesto is a sauce often made from basil, olive oil, garlic, parmesan cheese and pine nuts. All of these ingredients have health benefits and can be included in a well-balanced, healthy diet. 
  • Green Beans are a good source of fibre, potassium, and folate, as well as being a source of protein, iron, and zinc. They also contain vitamins A, C & K. They contain anti-oxidants similar to those found in green tea, also known as catechins, which can improve heart health and help prevent cancer and manage/prevent diabetes.
  • Tomatoes are the major dietary source of the antioxidant lycopene, which has been linked to many health benefits, including reduced risk of heart disease and cancer. They are also a great source of vitamin C, potassium, folate and vitamin K. However, due to the lectins present in their seeds and skin, some inflammatory response and sensitivities can occur with digesting tomatoes. Cooking and High pressure cooking, as well as removing the seeds can eliminate the lectins and make them more digestible.

Herb Crusted Salmon with Shredded Sweet Potato & Balsamic Tomatoes p4

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