#121: Freedom from Debilitating Chronic Illnesses with Carnivore/Keto ~Rebekah Farmer

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This episode will shock you! We have Rebekah Farmer on the show today, who is bravely sharing her lifelong struggle with her body, mind and gut rebelling against her very existence.

You name it, Rebekah has had it… it is truly unfathomable just how much biological abuse she endured over 15+ years.

Degenerative Disc, Insomnia, Depression, OCD, ADHD, Anxiety, chronic Acne, Osteopenia. Asthma, hives, IBS, IBD, Coeliac, chronic Lyme disease, Hashimotos, Colitis, Addisons, chronic C. Diff, Diverticulitis, Ulcerative Colitis, Scleroderma, Slow Transit Colon, and more! Can you even imagine?!

Rebekah has battled with a systemic emergency for almost all her own life, with crippling pain, emotional trauma, medicated up to her eyeballs, and a body seemingly giving up on her. She was incredibly uncomfortable within her own skin, could not function normally, and weighed as little as 79lbs as a fully grown woman.

Rebekah Farmer Autoimmune Issues
Rebekah was unable to absorb nutrients, dropping as low as 79lbs

Fast forward to today, and Rebekah is completely off all meds. Almost every condition and symptom has disappeared. She is happy, strong, highly functioning and thriving. How?! Keto made a huge difference to her need for medication, but it was the Carnivore Diet that has had the most profound impact in her quality of life and health.

Rebekah Farmer Carnivore
Thriving & Symptom free: Increasing her meat intake, followed by strict carnivore

Sounds crazy right? I know. But, it sounds the same as Mikhaila Peterson’s road to recovery on an all-meat diet. As well as 1000’s and growing cases online (such as MeatRX) of miraculous recoveries from modern diseases by taking this extreme and seemingly drastic course of action.

You’ll want to hear Rebakah’s story. Painful, encouraging… and truly fascinating.

Here’s what we discuss

  1. When it all started to go wrong for Rebekah
  2. First, Second, Third, Fourth and Fifth wave of conditions – from mental, bone, gut, hormone dis-regulation, to C. Diff, Lyme disease and scleroderma
  3. The meds she was advised to take, throughout her life
  4. The mental health issues that came along with the pain, dysbiosis and self-hate
  5. Becoming resistant to antibiotics
  6. Her her family and Rebekah handled the diagnosis and conditions
  7. Exploring Paleo, Keto Diets and Real-Food Keto, and the turning point with more meat in her diet
  8. The importance to pay close attention to the health of your gut and it’s function
  9. The revelation of health and and contentment – the Carnivore Diet. Why? What’s happening with this diet?
  10. What Rebekah eats today on her Carnivore Diet, and the struggles within the transition
  11. How healthy is Rebekah now, and what conditions is she still dealign with?
  12. Some of the unexpected benefits of an animal-based diet…
  13. What else other than nutrition has been part of Rebekah’s recovery to health?
  14. The Paradigm Shattering view on how to construct a optimal human diet
  15. The counter culture social backlash of prioritising more meat, including the heal care system
  16. Can you be Carnivore and compassionate about animal rights and sustainability?
  17. The need for long-term studies on animal-based diets to exonerate and celebrate meat
  18. Why the extreme Carnivore movement is so necessary right now

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