#66: The Carnivore Diet – Broadening the Discussion with Dr. Shawn Baker

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Off the back of #Veganuary, it’s important to keep the discussion of world-wide health, personal performance and sustainability going.

To do that we’ve invited Dr. Shawn Baker on to the podcast to talk about the Carnivore diet – a seemingly opposed diet that seeks to serve a very similar purpose…

Interestingly, the Vegan movement is not the only lens through which to look at the problems we face. In actual fact, the moral, ethical and emotionally charged dogma that comes with much of the current vegan message is perhaps preventing us from seeing the bigger picture.

Due to the ideology of Veganisim, it has the opportunity to alienate through judgement, remove free choice, and even fuel the problems we have around nutrition and sustainability. We should be looking to have inclusive discussion and seek collaborative solutions vs dividing populations based on moral standing.

So, in the spirit of having an open mind and broadening the conversation, this podcast explores the Carnivore diet, and why Dr. Shawn Baker and many others around the world have taken to this extreme diet. It also attempts to correct some misconceptions of meat eating, as well as look at the problems we face around nutrition and sustainability from a different perspective.

This is a fascinating discussion that quite frankly needs to be had. As opposed to Vegans vs Meat eaters, this discussion highlights where we really need to be focussing, and it could be the start for collaborative and productive dialog regarding planet and human health.

Here’s what we discuss:

1️⃣ The science – The science (or the lack thereof), historical observations and disease-claims of a meat-dominant diet

2️⃣ From restriction to liberation – how a meat-only diet is positively impacting 1000’s of people

3️⃣ Some raw Veg truth – Things to consider with a plant-only diet that don’t often fat spoken about

4️⃣ The elephant in the room – and it’s not Vegetables or Meat.

5️⃣ RDA’s & guidance – The fundamental issues with blanket diet, nutrition and blood value recommendations

6️⃣ A diet tool – The Carnivore diet used as a elimination transitional tool, and Carnivore Adjacent diet

7️⃣ Why Carnivore? – Shawn’s reasons to go from normal, vegetarian, paleo, Keto and then then Carnivore diet

8️⃣ Debunking – Addressing Ageing and Cancer concerns with Protein, and the protein deficient aged population

9️⃣ Big Food Conspiracy – The corporate conspiracy that the Vegan movement is fuelling – creating more waste, choice and emissions…

🔟 Livestock Farming Practices – Addressing the misconceptions about waste, emissions, malpractice and inhumane treatment within the Livestock industry

*️⃣ Locked in Forever? – Does Shawn feel imprisoned by the Carnivore diet socially and physiologically?

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