Balsamic Beef & Goats Cheese Tomato Salad

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Calories: 519 kcal (or 336 kcal smaller portion)

Macros: 69g Protein, 28g Carb & 15g Fat


A quick and simple salad, but absolutely bursting with flavour! I seldom have a meal without some amount of starchy carb – something always feels missing. However, in this wholesome salad, the combination of a big portion of Beef, creaminess, sweet and crunch, I was left satisfied and content. It’s full of great nutrition too, coming from the Carrots, Beetroot, Tomatoes, Spring Onion and the nutritional density of the red meat. The Balsamic Vinegar, Soft Goats Cheese and rich Baby Heirloom Tomatoes reminds me of the popular Italian Capresse Salad. If you’re looking for protein-rich fulfilling salads, defo give this a try. 😋

For a smaller portion, drop halve the thin cut Beef Steak. This will save you 183 calories without sacrificing the flavour or experience whatsoever.

Cooking Time: 10mins

Balsamic Beef & Goats Cheese Tomato Salad


  • Thin Cut Beef Steaks – 250g / 2x steaks
  • Balsamic Vinegar – 2x teaspoon
  • Spring Onion – 1x medium
  • Soft Low-Fat Goats Cheese – 25g
  • Baby Heirloom Tomatoes – 9x tomatoes
  • Shredded Beetroot – 30g
  • Shredded Carrots – 40g
  • Olive Oil – ½ x teaspoon
  • Leafy Butterhead Salad (packet) – 23g
  • Cucumber – 40g

Balsamic Beef & Goats Cheese Tomato Salad p3


  • Grass-fed Beef is one of the most nutritious foods you can eat, and is a great source of protein, Creatine and Carnosine, both very supportive to having developing and maintaining a lean physique and brain function. It is loaded with vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and various other nutrients that can have profound effects on health, such as Niacin, B12, B6, Iron, Zinc and Selenium. Grass-fed beef is even more nutritious than grain-fed, containing plenty of heart healthy Omega-3s, the fatty acid CLA, along with more Vitamins A and E.
  • Olive Oil is loaded with antioxidants that help protect the heart and blood cells from damage, and can also aid in weight loss and pain relief.
  • Beetroot is a good source of iron, nitrates, betaine, magnesium and other antioxidants, in addition to helping lower blood pressure and boost exercise performance.
  • Goats Cheese – Goats do not contain a certain mutation in the milk that most cows do, making their milk and cheese much more digestion friendly and look uncannily similar at a DNA level to human milk.
  • Carrots are a rich source of Beta carotene – a powerful antioxidant that can also be converted into vitamin A in the body to help maintain healthy skin.
  • Tomatoes are the major dietary source of the antioxidant lycopene, which has been linked to many health benefits, including reduced risk of heart disease and cancer. They are also a great source of vitamin C, potassium, folate and vitamin K. However, due to the lectins present in their seeds and skin, some inflammatory response and sensitivities can occur with digesting tomatoes. Cooking and High pressure cooking, as well as removing the seeds can eliminate the lectins and make them more digestible.
  • Spring Onions, nutritionally, have a combination of the benefits of onions and greens. They are an excellent source of vitamin K and vitamin C, and a very good source of vitamin A too. Moreover, they are a great sources of indigestible fibre (inulin) and have prebiotic benefits for your guts microbiome.

Balsamic Beef & Goats Cheese Tomato Salad p4

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