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THEME OF THE WEEK: #1: 3 weeks into Blitz Cut

Here’s a quick update on the ‘aggressive’ cut I’ve been on over the last three weeks. Two weeks to go to the final reveal. 🤣

#1: 3 weeks into my Blitz Cut

As stated in 2019 W5 Body & Mind Journal, I declared the end of my bulk and the start of a more aggressive cutting protocol. And to hold my feet to the fire, I shared my five week target. #risky

On 4th Feb, I weighed in at 205.8lbs, with goal bodyweight of 193lbs and max 8% body fat by 10th March 2019.

It’s been three weeks, with two BIIG meals out this weekend (Valentines and Birthday). Here’s the stats:

Weight Loss Trends Happy Scale
Stats from Happy Scale – Down 8.6lbs in 3 weeks
Weight loss graph trend lines AdapNation
Stats from Happy Scale – How it should look. Slow bulk and fast cut!

I’m currently sitting 197.4lbs, meaning there’s another 4.4lbs to go by 10-17th March. I must admit, I’m loving the steepness of the weight loss, especially combined with the general lack of stress in this cut. That’s the beauty when you plan ahead and know how to get your needs met without cracking.

My bodyweight tracking app of choice, Happy Scale, offers the following predictions. Basically, taken into account my trend line and patterns, I should hit my target weight one day early. Pretty cool huh?

Weight loss predictions Happy Scale
Bodyweight predictions, based on weight loss during cut

Honestly, it feels a just a little optimistic. So, next week (the final week), I will marginally drop my daily calorie targets to adjust for a slowing metabolism.

As a Reminder, here was my Blitz Cut Plan

The plan, which I’ve stuck to fairly religiously:

  1. 40% Calorie Deficit with 1-1.2g Protein / pound of bodyweight ~2,220 kcal/day & 220-240g Protein
  2. A Carb Refeed every 3-4 days (i.e. Weds & Sat) at maintenance = ~3200+/-
  3. 5 Week Duration, ending 10-17th March 2019
  4. Daily Plan – fully-loaded protein shake pre-workout, 700kcal lunch, 900kcal dinner, dessert and pre-bed casein shake
  5. Expectation to lose 11lbs, averaging 2lbs a week in W2-5.

Deviations, adjustments & challenges so far

  • I’m keeping lunch to 650kcal max
  • Fitting in some dessert everyday
  • Refeed days are set at 3400kcal – a little under maintenance
  • Ate 2x BIIG meals out with no restrictions *
  • Pseudo Intermittent Fasting used when I want to max out on dinner

* Managing the Big Meals Out – One of the meals was on a Refeed day and the other was on a 40% deficit day! Back-to-back. On both occasions, I had my regular loaded protein shake in the morning and skipped lunch. I was over a little on the 40% day, and therefore adjusted the budget down on the Refeed day, so I ended net neutral.

The net-net – the weighing scales dropped in these two days! Crazy, considering the huge three course meals with wine and coffees. It’s a beautiful thing. 👌🏻

How I’ve been planning

I’ve been using the AdapNation Calorie Planner tool to help me judge calorie distribution and amounts of protein sources I need across my meals. This has been a fantastic way of seeing what’s possible. Click the image to read up on it and to request a free copy.

AdapNation Calorie Planner
The AdapNation Calorie Planner – request you free copy

From there, the wife and I looked through the AdapNation Food Diary for inspiration, as well as making a couple new meals including the lovely Chicken & Prawn Paella that has become a regular on this cut. Clicking the image below will take you to the AdapNation Food Diary.

Chicken & King Prawn Paella - click to check out all Food Diary meal ideas
Chicken & King Prawn Paella – click to check out all Food Diary meal ideas

From a training perspective, I’ve been following the FEB-19 #HyperWorkouts with good results. Managing to increase my overall weekly volume and relative intensity, even in such an aggressive cut. I’ve introduced some nature walks in the morning too, for mindfulness, wellbeing and extra calorie burn.

FEB-19 #HyperWorkouts Feature Image
FEB-19 #HyperWorkouts Training Block

My strength has been maintained, whilst getting out a little more volume on the big compound lifts as well as more work on the hypertrophy / secondary sets.

What changes will I be making?

In final week (next week), I’ll drop to 2100 kcal on the Cut days and 3300kcal on the Refeed days. Other than that, everything else will stay the same. Training, protein, rest, activity levels etc.

Let’s see how close I come to the public goals

These are the body composition metrics I set in 2019 W5 Body Goals Journal. Basically, minimal muscle shrinkage whilst dropping down to 84cm waist and ~7.5% body fat. We will see…

Steve Katasi Body Composition Cutting Goal
The short-term body goals set on end of Jan 2019

Coming Up In Next Few Weeks

In terms of Training, Wellness, Mindset and Body Goals, here’s my focus for the next few weeks:

  1. The Blitz Cut Reveal – Final weigh-in, body / fat measurements and pics.
  2. Contemplating signing off on an indoor swimming pool – With Infrared Sauna! Let’s see…
  3. Finishing the 48 Laws of Power – An awesome book, but an intense read

P.S. I’ll let you know how I get on with an update every few weeks… 🙂

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