AUG-18 #HyperWorkouts – Day 4/4 – HYPERTROPHY Lower

🆕 #HyperWorkouts Programme, sixth release of 2018. Join in on Steve’s REAL phased-programming Workouts throughout the year, in pursuit of his 2018-2019 Body Goals - a strong and naturally muscular physique. No light weight for demo vid purposes - what you see here is raw. sweat, strain and form-challenging sets! AUG-18 DAY 4/4, HYPERTROPHY LOWER 🏋🏽‍♂️... Continue Reading →

AUG-18 #HyperWorkouts – 8-Week Training Programme

Here it is guys, the eight week #HyperWorkouts training programme I am following August through to end of September 2018. Phased-programming to follow throughout the year. Read on for the AUG-18 Programme that contains 4x 60-90min workouts. There are 4x 1min YouTube guide videos and workout lists for each day. You'll also read about the objectives of... Continue Reading →

JAN-18 #HyperWorkouts – Day 5/5 – ARMS

Hyper Workouts - Following Steve’s Workout Programming. Arm day baby! You’ll definitely feel the pump after this. Part of 5-day workout week within a 8-week linear periodisation cycle. Combines hypertrophy and high-rep occlusion work. Finish on a stationary Row for 10mins of steady state active recovery and perhaps an Abs Giant Set if you’ve got... Continue Reading →

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