#108: Danny Vega on all things Keto, helping your Kids Thrive & Ancestral Nutrition

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Keto and Animal-Based advocate, Muscle Building Expert, and doting dad Danny Vega joins us on this episode for an incredible discussion around Keto, Kids Health, Traditional Nutrition and addressing the Health Issues of our modern processed and plant-heavy western diets. 

Danny Vega is most well known for his enthusiasm for the ketogenic diet and how he has successfully integrated this nutritional lifestyle within his loving family and in the gym.

He runs a successful blog and podcast called Fat Fuelled family with his with Maura, and their kids even have a instagram page showcasing their nutrient-dense low carb diet! 

Danny is the real-deal. Honest, caring, and genuinely motivated to help people understand the practicality of thriving on a very counter-culture way of eating. He also defies the narrative that you cannot build muscle on a Keto / low carb diet… he’s jacked!

Danny Vega Keto bodybuilding
Danny Vega doesn’t just talk the talk on Keto Muscle Gains…

Danny has teamed up with prior AdapNation guest Ben Pakulski to design and successfully implement a nutritional and training regime for people wanting to maximise muscle growth whilst on a ketogenic diet. We agreed to do a part two soon on exactly that. It’s a hotly requested topic, and Danny has the answers to building muscle on a low card diet! 

This is an amazing conversation, as I knew it would be. We cover a ton, and Danny calls out the great insights from 17 leaders in nutrition and fitness space, all of which are linked in the Show Notes below. 

Here’s what we discuss

1- Kids Health & Nutrition:
  • How to positively integrate your children in to your nutritional lifestyle choices
  • How to help kids increase their nutritional autonomy whilst making the very best decisions for themselves
  • How to help your kids embrace Nutrient Density and identify foods that cause them problems
  • What’s the deal with crummy Kids Menu’s in restaurants! (RANT!)
  • Alarming decline in kids health (54% of US kids have 1+ chronic disease), and why we must own this now
  • Steve shares an example of mood, snacking and energy levels of a refined carb dominant family
  • How Steve and Danny’s kids are thriving and performing at high levels on animal-based diets
2- Defining Keto, Danny’s Diet and Keto discussion:
  • Danny’s definition of Keto – and the multiple variations thereof
  • How Danny eats today, and his nutrition Non-Negotiables
  • Does Danny care about his ketone numbers and what is GKI?
  • How and why Danny includes carb ups in his diet
  • Danny’s 3 month Carb Up experiment with Keto Savage
  • Why is Danny a fan of the Carnivore diet, and what is Carnivore75Hard?
  • Is Danny unnecessarily suffering and missing out on hedonistic value of food with his stoic mindset?
  • How to solve the Diet Dogma and black and white rules surrounding Keto and Low Carb?
  • Is Steve in Ketosis on 100g of evening carbs a day?
  • How Low Carb / Keto has allowed Danny and Steve to Fast, remove snacking and eliminate hanger
3- The Need to respect Traditional Wisdom and Ancestral Nutrition:
  • The lessons from Dr. Cate Shanahan and Weston A Price regarding traditional food choices
  • How we have abandoned nutrient dense foods from cookbooks of old for cheap empty calories
  • The need to respect the wisdom developed through 100’s of thousands of years regarding human appropriate nutrition
4- The issues with the plant-heavy nutritional dogma:
  • Reasons to be cautious with over-consumption of plant-based foods
  • The issues with Oxalates, that are high in many plants
  • How we seem to have nutritional guidelines backwards, especially around the priority of plant-based food groups
  • The generational issues with the Vegan Diet and this unstoppable movement
  • How to share your nutritional knowledge in productive and supportive ways
  • The need for Keto, Carnivore and Vegans to come together. They want many of the same things…
Danny Vega on AdapNation Podcast
Family man Danny

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