#91: Oxalate Poisoning & Dumping – Why YOU Should Care ~Elliot Overton (part 1)

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This is another episode where we will challenge your world view of good nutrition. Today, we’re speaking all things OXALATES, with specialist Elliot Overton.

Why should you care? Is this quackery BS? I think you should listen in and decide for yourself…

Oxalate is a mild metabolic toxin found in most plants to varying degrees. Unlike other phytonutrients or molecules like gluten and lectins, Oxalates cannot be broken down by the body or detoxified by the liver. It’s eliminated… or accumulated.

Oxalates are found in high volume in many of our so-called superfoods of today – including Spinach, Cocoa, Beetroot, Sweet Potatoes and Almonds. Whilst these foods and many others have a great reputation for their health benefits, it turns out we’ve been omitting one major downside to copious all-year-round consumption of these foods – Oxalates!

In this in-depth two parter (Ep. #91 & #92), nutritionist and functional medical practitioner Elliot Overton walks us through all you need to know about this insidious yet anonymous bad actor in ‘healthy diets’. Elliot lays down a lot of science, to help logically justify the reason for concern when it comes to Oxalate Poisoning and Oxalate Dumping.

Elliot provides a potential answer to those who are suffering with a random collections of symptoms that ebb and flow. He provides a new way to look at food, issues with your body and mind, and new things you can try for yourself with diet and health management.

Elliot is not alone. There are other Oxalate leaders that are researching, treating patients and spreading the word. Those leaders, plus the 22,000+ online community of past and present Oxalate poisoning sufferers and other resources mentioned throughout, are listed below.

Here’s what we discuss across both Episodes:

🔸Elliot’s journey– from long-term vegetarian and GI issues to ancestral living, nutritionist and functional medicine practitioner

🔸 We’re overdosing on Superfoods & terrible Green Smoothies– many “superfoods” are very high in Oxalate

🔸 Oxalate history and background– 150 year old knowledge. What are oxalates, issues they cause, how the body handles them, and interesting science

🔸 Factors that predispose you to greater Oxalate absorption– Diet choices, microbiota, gut dysbiosis, environmental, genetic

🔸 Where Oxalate can get lodged– not just kidney stones! List of organs, tissues and biochemical disturbances

🔸 Why Oxalates are a big issue today, compared to the past?– the reasons that have made this an issue the previously we could manage without concern

🔸 Conditions associated with high levels of Oxalate–  Usually, a combinations of these unassociated symptoms that flare.

🔸 Oxalate is not an allergy or sensitivity– The difference between immediate reactions and long-term toxic accumulation

🔸 High Oxalate Foods– a run down of the worst offenders, with approximate values

🔸 What is Oxalate Dumping?– What is happening internally, how long will it last, and how to identify?

🔸 Typical collection of symptoms of Oxalate Dumping– What you may feel, randomly and cyclically.

🔸 Steve’s ongoing experience of Oxalate Dumping– Steve goes through the unexplained, weird and coincidental last two months since dropping Oxalate

🔸 How to Manage Oxalate Dumping– Nutrition strategies, supplementation strategies, and other approaches that can lessen dumping symptoms

🔸 What is a healthy level of daily Oxalate?– Elliot provides the safe range, with caveats, as well as justifying why everyone should be mindful of Oxalate consumption

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  1. Just got home from the ER and trying to understand what happened. Dr’s are no help. Super high blood pressure, potassium and sodium drop. Lab values all over the place. Severe lower back pain. I went cold turkey from oxalate foods without knowing that’s what I did. Trying carnivore diet. I giggled at the hypochondriac comment because that’s what my dr’s think I am…I also have autoimmune so that’s always the case. Thank you so much for this excellent 2 part series. 🙏🏼 Such valuable info! Now there’s a name to my problem!

    1. If you would be so kind, it would help the show a great deal if you could leave a short 5 star review on Apple Podcasts. Thanks! 🙏🏻

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