#92: Oxalate Poisoning & Dumping – Why YOU Should Care ~Elliot Overton (part 2)

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This is another episode where we will challenge your world view of good nutrition. Today, we’re speaking all things OXALATES, with specialist Elliot Overton.

This is the second part recording to #91: Oxalate Poisoning & Dumping – Why YOU Should Care ~Elliot Overton (part 1). Click HERE for full show notes and topics we discuss throughout the two-parter.

Here’s what we discuss in Part 2:

🔸 What is Oxalate Dumping?– What is happening internally, how long will it last, and how to identify?

🔸 Typical collection of symptoms of Oxalate Dumping– What you may feel, randomly and cyclically.

🔸 Steve’s ongoing experience of Oxalate Dumping– Steve goes through the unexplained, weird and coincidental last two months since dropping Oxalate

🔸 How to Manage Oxalate Dumping– Nutrition strategies, supplementation strategies, and other approaches that can lessen dumping symptoms

🔸 What is a healthy level of daily Oxalate?– Elliot provides the safe range, with caveats, as well as justifying why everyone should be mindful of Oxalate consumption


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10 thoughts on “#92: Oxalate Poisoning & Dumping – Why YOU Should Care ~Elliot Overton (part 2)

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  1. Thank you so much for this site! Honestly, no doctor or naturopath has even come close! This, I think gets misdiagnosed as so many other types of arthritis and autoimmune problem quite often. It’s all making so much sense after all this time.
    My newly-found pain in my right sciatica is almost making me pass out at night after going carnivore. Looking for a painkiller so I can sleep and function again. I did go cold turkey!

    1. You’re welcome. All the best with your recovery. It was a wonky and challenging few months for me, but it was worth it in my experience. Do connect with Elliot Overton if you need some guidance beyond the protocols he suggested in this two-parter.

  2. I have switched to white chocolate. The migraines with cofee and chocolate and even milk products were so horrendous….I lived on raw eggs for 3 weeks. What component of the egg helped me? I do not know.

    1. Hi Renee. Thanks for asking! 🙏 I’m doing great in all fairness. Prob 3 months in now. Diet and lifestyle are really working for me. However, there are a bunch of unexplained nuisances atm. Had two eye styes, still have finger neuropathy issues (worse at night), and minor joint injuries / flare ups. Energy can be a tad bit off from time to time, but in all fairness I’m nit picking at this point. So, think I’m still dumping, but hopefully through the worst of it and life is energised and and enjoyable. Just need this little random things to stop showing up… . What’s the situation with you Renee?

  3. All my issues are in the upper back, neck, and shoulders. Its so much better, 12 months carni, i had first 2 months amazing on carnivore, but sometimes pain comes back, more tolerable than before. Could be dumping..

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