#94: Chris Duffin – His Shocking Childhood, Top Life Principles & WR Training Insights

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We’re privileged to have the fascinating, incredible and wise Chris Duffin on this Episode.

Chris Duffin is a multiple world-record holder in the power lifting and strength arena, where he has pulled 1000lbs for multiple reps, squatted 800lbs for 30 day straight and many other feats of awe-inspiring strength.

But that’s the tip of the iceberg with Chris. He’s a world-leading educator and inventor in the the Strength and Rehab space, with 1000’s of educational videos online and one-of-a-kind speciality bars through Kabuki Strength.

Chris is also an author, with his autobiography and self-improvement book The Eagle and The Dragon making waves for it’s insane life stories and inspiring principles for creating a successful life.


This conversation was amazing! Tons of wisdom, guidance and principles offered across mindset, life, training and rehab, whilst also digging to Chris’ unbelievably challenged upbringing. Well worth a listen. #Inspiring


Here’s what we discuss:

A. Chris Duffin – the Incredible Back Story:

1️⃣ Who is Chris Duffin? – Strong AF, Educator, Inventor, Entrepreneur, Author…

2️⃣ Chris’ Feats of Strength & Recovery– From 1000lbs Deadlift for 2+ to 665lbs DL for 20, 30 day 800lbs squat challenge and more…

3️⃣ The Eagle and The Dragon –We talk about Chris’ book. Part autobiography, part self-improvement book.

4️⃣ Looking back – a crazy childhood and family setting –From no money, no house, no stability, murders, deaths, danger, human trafficking, mum in prison and depression

5️⃣ Having to grow up quickly – How and why Chris took custody of his three younger sisters, Did he resent the responsibility?

6️⃣ His Parents – lessons of how and how not to live– What does Chris appreciate about his folks unique personalities, and what aspects does he avoid in his life at all cots?

7️⃣ From nothing, to big time Corporate guy– How Chris turned his life around, and did the same for big struggling businesses


B. Chris’ Key Life Principles – relevant to us all:

1️⃣ Chasing to add value to the world – How leaving a recognisable positive mark on the world drive Chris more than any selfish need

2️⃣ Accepting and embracing Chaos, Uncertainty and Fear –Chris draws many parallels to strength training, muscle building and life. Not being motivated by comfort.

3️⃣ #Hustelporn –why most people have no business in being entrepreneurs

4️⃣ Chris’ Five Why’s Strategy to Deciding on Big Changes – Chris process he’s used to create new identities and transform his life

5️⃣ Chris Key Advice to Achieving More– this will surprise you. It’s not getting better at to-do lists, multi-tasking, or working 18 hours a day

6️⃣ Chris’s Why behind Kabuki Strength – How his businesses align to his vision, purpose and life balance desires


C. Insights into his Lifting Career & Pain Management: 

1️⃣ When Chris REALLY learnt how to Deadlift – an incredible story, with lots of training tip takeaways

2️⃣ Getting into the 1000lbs Deadlift Mindset – what it takes to life really heavy sh1t!

3️⃣ Crazy tales of losing 39lbs in one day! – Behind the scenes look into the process of making weight in performance weight-class sports

4️⃣ A masterclass on Pain– why, what and how to deal with it- Not pushing through pain, using strength training as a corrective. Global impacts.

5️⃣ How to Avoid and Manage Pain as you get Older – Available content, correcting movement and loading patterns, priorities, not resting. E.g. Golfers elbow

6️⃣ Stronger than ever before, at 42!– What Chris puts his record breaking strength down to as he ages. How is he not declining?


Where to find CHRIS DUFFIN & KABUKI:


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