#138: Now for some COVID-19 Face Mask Science & Sanity!

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In this short episode, Steve lays out his science-driven position on the Face Mask Mandates we are seeing across the UK, Europe and many other regions of the world.

It’s time to challenge the shaming, guilting and scaremongering that comes along with the push to normalise Mask wearing in society. Enough is enough… this anti-science can no longer carry on unchecked.

In this solo episode, Steve covers:

  1. Challenging the popular logic-based Social Media Face Mask memes
  2. Evaluating the actual current-day risk and empirical date for COVID-19 in England
  3. How actions must be justified by current risk – and always is (normally)
  4. A little microbiology on virus sizes and putting them in perspective
  5. Addressing the idea of shielding others from your Cough and Sneeze particles
  6. What does all the Mask Research say? What does the WHO say?
  7. Getting into the details of Cloth Masks, Surgical Masks and N95/FFP2 Respirators
  8. How valved N95 / FFP2 masks increase the risk to others
  9. Calling out the disgusting shaming tactics of the public and media
  10. Addressing the idea that “calm down, it’s only for a couple of weeks”
  11. Why would the English Government mandate Masks… now?!?
  12. The reality of our co-habiting relationships with viruses
  13. What is the solution? How do I defend against COVID-19?
  14. How can the Government actually help the vulnerable, and the rest of us?


If you want to challenge this… please do. I’d just ask you to cite empirical data and/or robust scientific evidence that the UK risk in mid July requires such a divisive measure, and that COVID-19 infection is actively prevented through the wearing of masks.

Failing that, how about you just provide strong science that Masks are effective in preventing other respiratory diseases and infections?

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Referenced Content

  1. WHO Technical Guidance on Mask Wearing, 5th June 2020 (latest position)
  2. WHO funded Meta Analysis, featured in The Lancet – Low certainty correlations, especially for non-N95 masks (1st June 2020)
  3. FDA and CDC’s weak guidance on Cloth, N95 and Surgical Mask Wearing, 7th June 2020
  4. CDC’s review of masks and other measures , May 2020


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5 thoughts on “#138: Now for some COVID-19 Face Mask Science & Sanity!

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  1. Why is this information not told to our government? Can’t there be a debate on television ‘government versus common sense’. Fed up of being looked down upon when I am not wearing a mask…

  2. Thank you for this clear information. I’ve been trying to get this point across, but so many people refuse to listen. I love your phrase ‘flatten the fear’.

  3. I can’t understand why so many are willing to follow so blindly in giving up their freedom and civil rights. Can they really be so dense as to not see the bigger picture and what governments are doing. We used to be such a strong race, a proud people who fought for freedom and our rights, never to be fooled as is now happening. Time to get some self pride and gumption back and WAKE UP.

    1. It’s a sad time for the UK people. Submissive and ignorant behaviour in the name of “an easy life”. It’s small action, but equally a massive moment. I hope this idea of face masks eroded quickly when people soften on their fear of the virus and being fined and shamed. 🙏🏻

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