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Nikki Edyvane, a technical CBD specialist and qualified complimentary medical practitioner, walks us through what is a true masterclass on the newly discovered Endocannabinoid System and the positive health effects of Cannabidiol (CBD).

It turns out that we have an ancient system within our body called the Endocannabinoid System that was only discovered 29 years ago! There is a flurry of constant research to better understand the integral and critical role of this system on on all over bodily processes within humans.

However, there continues to be no interest from allopathic medicine and institutional healthcare to accelerate this research and learn more on how to modulate, optimise and prescribe for this important bodily system. Why the resistance?

Well, in today’s episode we answer this question and so much more. What motives drove cannabis to become illegal? What is the Endocannabinoid system and what does it effect? How does CBD Oil have therapeutic effects on a number of bodily conditions?

Nikki Edyvane has an advanced diploma in CBD, has conducted over 1500+ hours of research in this field, has become very familiar with the research and trials, and is an educator of CBD and ECS across the industry.  He’s definitely qualified for the discussion, and is incredibly passionate.

We dig into the science behind CBD Oil, how you naturally improve your ECS system, how sleep and anxiety are improved with CBD, and whether CBD has adverse effects and additive properties. I even discuss my early experience with CBD, and so much more… check out the full show notes.

So, if you are keen to demystify the talk, science and stigma attached to CBD and Cannabis derivatives so you can assess if CBD Oil is worth exploring for your health, then this is the one-stop-shop podcast episode for you!


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Here’s what we discuss

  1. Nikki’s Journey into Alternative Health and CBD – from Car Crash and business owner to CBD diploma and CBD Expert
  2. When & Why was Cannabis made illegal – a full comprehensive history – ancestral, illegalised, Carnegie and Rockafeller
  3. What medical issues have been identified with Cannabis?
  4. A deep dive into the Endocanebanoid System – When discovered. What it is, how it works, and it’s central important role
  5. How do you create endogenous cannabinoids?
  6. All you need to know about CBD – Chemical composition, per reviewed papers and research, it’s effect sin the body
  7. What (and How) can CBD help with? – We dig into Pain perception, Sleep, Cancer, Neurological, and Inflammatory Conditions
  8. Why is CBD so effective with Anxiety? – what is happening – is it changing what you think or your motivation to act?
  9. Example CBD recovery stories – Nikki shares four poignant examples from his client base
  10. Can an Optimised Person benefit from CBD? – What effects can you expect in sympathetic tone and prevention?
  11. Why does Nikki take CBD? – What does he take? How much? What does he get from it?
  12. What are the possible side effects of CBD? – What does the science say? What is observed in real life use? Is it addictive?
  13. Is CBD Addictive? – Can it help with managing other destructive addictions?
  14. How to identify a good CBD Oil – Manufacturing process, proof of authenticity, full spectrum, bioavailability, CBDa, strength etc…
  15. How to effectively take a CBD Oil – Nikki’s approach to ramping up, identifying your sweet spot, and knowing when you’ve gone too far
  16. Steve’s experience with CBD – How’s he faring this time around? Any benefits?


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