#136: COVID-19, Vaccines & Heavy Metal Toxicity ~Dr Minkoff

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Alternative Medicine Practitioner Dr. David Minkoff offers up pearls of knowledge and wisdom as it relates to infectious diseases, COVID-19, vaccines, heavy metal toxicity, and improving your defences with nutrition.

Dr. David Minkoff is a board certified paediatrician who studied infectious disease and virology, served in a neonatal intensive care unit, and has been running a successful wellness centre in Florida for 20+ years.

He has authored a best-selling author and 42-time Ironman athlete. Today Dr Minkoff specialises in addressing modern-day chronic issues, detoxing heavy metals and helping people reach their genetic potential.

With a long career and being very well read on matters of health and disease, Dr Minkoff has the authority and experience to talk about our current COVID-19 Pandemic, the broader health crisis, and the issues with relying on vaccines to resolve issues of the modern day.

Here’s what we discuss

  1. The Career Pivot – How Dr Minkoff’s pivoted to functional medicine, and his success in treating chronic diseases
  2. It started with Metal Fillings in his wife – and how ill she got when removed
  3. People with Chronic Diseases were once healthy. What changed?
  4. COVID-19 – Dr Minkoff’s clinical experience and scientific perspective.
  5. A bad virus or unhealthy host? – Are our COVID-19 problems a reflection of our peer societal health?
  6. Why are we not being told to fix our diet? – Why is mainstream media and government not urging us to get healthy to defend against COVID?
  7. Efficacy and History of Vaccines – Are they effective? How do their avoid liability? How do they come to market so quickly?
  8. Heavy Metals & Adjuvants – what ‘other stuff’ is in Vaccines, and why are they added?
  9. Would we hold out for a COVID-19 Vaccine? – Dr Minkoff’s thoughts on Vaccine types, value vs risk, and health-focussed herd immunity
  10. Heavy Metal Toxicity – How do you know if you have high levels? What tests can you take? What chronic issues can be triggered by toxicity?
  11. First step – Nutrition & Lifestyle – Why Dr Minkoff starts with nutrition and lifestyle before any treatments. What does he recommend?


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