#149: Sweden’s COVID-19 Response & Lifestyle ~Dr. Sebastian Rushworth

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Swedish A&E Physician Dr. Sebastian Rushworth joins us to help clear up all the Chinese whispers, claims and debates regarding Sweden’s COVID response and their lifestyle, society, country. 

After this 1.5h podcast interview, we will once and for all put all this emotional debate on Sweden to rest.

Sebastian has been speaking up, mostly to help answer overwhelming foreign interest, on the realities of the Swedish response to COVID, what it was like in A&E during the peak period, and way of living during the epidemic and since. He has been featured a couple of times on Dr Malcolm Kendrick’s clinical blog, on Ivor Cummins podcast, and has also written extensively on his own blog. 

You’ll here all the Swedish insight you need regarding their culture, lifestyle and their “population density” as it relates to the COVID-19 response… all in one place, and from the #horsesmouth.

We covered SO MUCH. You’ll love it. After hearing this, you’ll be able to hold your own on Swedish #covid debate with confidence.


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Here’s some of the questions Dr Sebastian Answers:

  1. What was it like going through mar/apr in the A&E dept?
  2. Sweden 101 – culture, lifestyle, population density, urban life, obedience.
  3. What is Life like NOW in Sweden? – News, How Normal, Permanent cultural changes
  4. Sweden’s Testing Regime – is it any different to UK?
  5. What is Sweden’s Flu Season like normally?
  6. Is Anders Spooked? – Is he messaging an intent for Stronger measures?
  7. Comparison to Nordic Neighbours – What made Sweden more susceptible?
  8. Does Sweden now have Effective Herd Immunity?
  9. Antibodies and T cells – What is driving people to have such incorrect ideas about the Immune System?
  10. What concerns does he have?
  11. What does he think of UK, France, Spain etc, and is it too late to start following the science?

CORRECTION: Sebastian made reference to double counting for each positive test a person gets. After the recording, Sebastian asked to caveat this statement as he could not verify that with evidence.


Referenced Content on Dr Malcolm Kendrick’s website


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