Insight from an NHS Microbiologist on COVID Testing

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Spoke to a NHS microbiologist this week off the record – so refreshing to hear the dissenting and concerning position taken from someone who accepts being institutionalised over their long career 👇🏼

🤷🏻‍♂️ You have to chose if you want to believe this, because I of course cannot give you the name of this person.

This person runs respiratory infection testing in a U.K. hospital, and has been doing so for many years.

Their insights

🔸 Ct limits typically set to 45 within NHS (where the module stops and returns a negative). Positive results from mid 30’s are met with caution and subject to operators judgement – accept or retest.
🔸 A positive test with Ct of 40 and above would normally be dismissed as an FP in a well run lab within normal times.

🔸 Test requests for Influenza are almost non-existent – because COVID tests are the default and pervasive.

🔸 Within a big hospital, there are ZERO FLU patients! This is unprecedented.

🔸 NHS Microbiologist code of conduct and best practice has been thrown out of the window this year by PHE top down diktat. People would normally lose their job for how they are being asked to test.

🔸 This Hospital lab IS retesting weak positives with high Ct’s by acquiring new samples, and even running more traditional labour intensive tests for these retests to provide better accuracy. This, however, is the exception and not happening in these mass testing labs.

🔸 Serious COVID-19 and Pneumonia are being successfully diagnosed by CT scans where they look for shadows in the lungs. However, this diagnosis does not add/remove cases – all that matters is the PCR test.

🔸 They recognise COVID-19 to be a problem and real, but have been appalled to see the deceit performed by a testing regime that can only achieve a fraudulent #casedemic.

🔸 Concerned that the #coronavirus PCR test is producing incredible amounts of weak positives (dead viral fragments) and other coronavirus matches. The test kits include a shared sequence of all coronaviruses as well as a small unique sequence to SARS CoV2 – with high Ct’s other coronaviruses may cause positive test results.

Are you willing to share?

As you can gauge, this is not the kind of insight that would come from an average civilian. This is a clinical perspective.

🔄 I would encourage you to share this if it resonates and you trust the intent here – that being anonymous whistleblowing of the testing fiasco by someone gagged and deeply frustrated within the NHS. 😢



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