Reported vs DOD COVID Deaths: know the difference

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747 COVID-related deaths reported over the last two days… but this is what they are not saying 👇🏼

👀 Those deaths were NOT in the last two days. See below where the deaths actually occurred. There were several even further back, but you get the point.

🤷🏻‍♂️ Moreover, we don’t know how many of those actually had respiratory symptoms, how many had pneumonia (the most common serious progression of respiratory infections), and how many if tested would test positive for other viral or bacterial infections such as Influenza or Streptococcus.

🤔 Further still, these deaths are not put into context with how many people we lost today from all other causes, and how that compares with what is expected for this time of the year.

COVID Reported vs Date of Deaths


😱 What you are left with (deliberately) is an impression that people are dying of serious COVID-19 infection in an exponential fashion like the light blue line shows.

🙄 This is the message from Govt, MSM and those who are bought into the hyperbole (the many). Oh, and don’t forget Vallance loves an exponential graph…

🧘🏻 BUT, in reality things look very different. The COVID-related deaths trend is more like the red line, hosps are below seasonal norms, and all-cause deaths (9,000-10,000 each week) is just a little above the 5 year average for W42-W43.

😯 What we are not told is the deaths reported over the last 2 days span 20+ dates.

Why would they not tell you that❓

Date of Death should be the focus

🔕 It may acceptable to share the Reported Deaths, but Govt & MSM should be focussing their messaging and graphing on Date of Death reporting to the public – because that’s REALITY.

💯 So, always refer to Date of Death numbers and graphs. Take the last 2 days with a pinch of salt, so use 7-day averages to see the direction of travel.



DHSC COVID-19 Dashboard, 4th Nov 2020.


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