#119: Overcoming a Grade IV Brain Tumour ~Logan Sneed

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Logan Sneed went from a high school athlete to becoming grade IV terminal brain tumour cancer patient overnight. He had a Glioblastoma the size of an egg in his brain! 

He was informed that survival was improbable, and at best his life would be permanently altered with his hopes and dreams ripped away from him. He would likely never be able to talk and hear again. 

Luckily, Logan’s story has been remarkable, and we get to hear it today on this podcast interview. Logan demonstrates relentless drive, unshakable hope, persistent actions to get the right outcome, and a full on commitment to live his best life post surgery. 

Part of Logan’s recovery story is finding the Ketogenic lifestyle four years ago, and how his vitality, cognition and capability seems to have been significantly amplified since brain surgery. 

Logan is a young and already successful fitness entrepreneur, a beacon of hope and courage, and most recently an author of book that retells his story called Thank You Cancer. 

Here’s what we discuss

  1. The moment Logan realised there was a egg-sized mass in his brain
  2. Being told he would not be able to speak and hear again
  3. The incredible difference a confident and calming surgeon had on Logan’s outcome and hope
  4. The emotional journey for Logan and his parents, and the fear leading into surgery and cancer diagnosis
  5. Piecing together the probable causes of his brain tumour over the prior 6 years
  6. Does Logan have side effects and compromised health as a result of the tumour and invasive brain surgery?
  7. What does Logan believe assisted with his swift and miraculous recovery?
  8. Is there any cancer regrowth?
  9. Why Logan decided to go a Ketogenic diet 4 years ago, and why he will never stop
  10. What preventive lifestyle changes has Logan introduced?
  11. How has Logan been able to see the blessing in his cancer? How and why is he so grateful for his cancer?
  12. What emotional support and guidance is there for those struggling with a diagnosed cancer?

Where to find LOGAN SNEED and his work

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