#134: The New Paradigm of Heart Disease ~Dr. Nadir Ali

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30 year+ Cardiologist Dr. Nadir Ali provides his incredible real-world insight into Heart Disease – garnered from the 1000’s of hearts he has opened up, clients he has returned to health via diet alone, and his own personal health journey. 

Dr Nadir Ali‘s credentials and reputation are world-renowned. He Chairs the Dept of Cardiology at Clear Lake Regional Medical Centre in California, and speaks at leading health conferences on the topic of heart health, LDL Cholesterol, Low Carb diet interventions and Intermittent Fasting. 

Personally, he stumbled across the Low Carb way of eating years ago as an avid cyclist that wanted to lose excess weight and perform well. Since then, he advocates for LCHF and IF as a way to address modern diseases associated with metabolic dysfunction. 

In this discussion, Nadir helps us understand the old paradigm of heart health and the incorrect demonisation of Saturated Fat and LDL Cholesterol. He educates us on the roles of LDL and Cholesterol in the body, and provides an alternative idea as to how Heart Disease manifests. 

We dig into the efficacy and side effects of heart drugs such as statins, and explore the motivations at play that prevent the heart research and science from updating. We then leave you with practicals ways to assess and improve heart and overall health. 

This is a must-listen – It’s time to get properly educated on how to keep your heart healthy! Share with those that need to hear this… 

Here’s what we discuss:

  • Dr Nadir’s journey from Stents to changing peoples lives with Diet
  • What is a Lean Mass Hyper Responder
  • What is the current healthcare dogma regarding Heart Health?
  • Is there robust data behind the vilification of LDL, Cholesterol and Saturated Fat on heart health?
  • What is Cholesterol and LDL, and what are their biologic roles in humans?
  • Is there motivation to challenge the Heart Health hypothesis through research?
  • How much are the likes of AHA and NIH investing in robust nutritional outcome trials?
  • If LDL & Sat Fat are not the problem, what is causing heart disease?
  • Are there links between Diabetes, Obesity, High Blood Pressure etc and heart disease?
  • What is causing plaque buildup in hearts that have atherosclerosis?
  • Deaths by heart attacks have reduced over 50 years – does this mean have less heart disease?
  • How effective and compelling have landmark Statins trials been over the last 30 years?
  • What are the real-world side effects of Statins?
  • Can Vegans develop heart disease and do they get prescribed Statins?
  • How to assess your relative heart and health risk through testing
  • How quickly can you improve your health and heart risk? Can you reverse arterial plaque buildup?
  • Can we transform our societies health top-down?


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  1. I remembered you did a review on cardiac stents and mortality, it seems to be been take off from youtube?

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