#135: Real Talk on Women’s Body & Health Pressures ~Molly Galbraith

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Molly Galbraith, the face and co-founder of Girls Gone Strong, joins us for a really honest and real-world look into the pressures and challenges women face around their appearance in todays society. 

More of these conversations are needed, as it brings a voice to many of the struggles women face around their bodies and health. A voice that brings brings women together through their common experience, and helps men empathetically see the powerful social pressures women are under. 

Molly is absolutely the right person for this conversation! She’s had quite the rollercoaster with her body and self-worth over the last 16 years, and has spent the last 8 years connecting, understanding and educating over 700,000 women worldwide on health and fitness through Girls Gone Strong. 

Molly’s commitment to understand the psychological issues and needs of women regarding health, fitness and physique is unrivalled. Her personal battles and struggles, a career of being in the gym, being an educator, as well an ambassador for women’s wellbeing brings a level of understanding and empathy which women and men get so much out of. 

This episode covers how culturally women have been conditioned to care so deeply about how their bodies look and the judgement of others. We talk about the obsession with leanness, the issues with tying your self-worth to your body, the common mismatch between goals and actions, building muscle as a women, and the aggressive language within fitness. Molly shares her story, her battle with Hashimoto’s, and how she balances out her life and wellbeing needs now. Plus lots more. 

As a man, I would thoroughly encourage every guy to listen to this, and I hope for women that Molly and I carefully and accurately covered some world-truths and health and fitness issues you care about. A must-listen for everyone! I personally learnt so much… 

Here’s what we discuss

  1. Molly’s body and health trial and tribulations over last 16 years
  2. Why historically and socially do most women care so deeply about how they look and how they are judged?
  3. The impossible conflicting and ever changing standards placed on women
  4. What culturally has driven this obsession with female leanness?
  5. The issues when you wrap up too much self-worth and self-esteem in your body
  6. The common mismatch between women’s physique goals and exercise/nutrition choices made
  7. How to empathically and productively help a woman build muscle, under her terms?
  8. The aggressive language of health and fitness causing self-love issues
  9. The fitness industry is relatively new, evolutionarily. Are we doing the right things?
  10. Accepting the balancing act between Lifestyle, Aesthetics, Health and Performance goals
  11. Molly’s approach to health, fitness, nutrition and self-care
  12. The need for more honesty on the type and amount of work needed to achieve aspirational physiques
  13. The female health, wellness and physique benefits of developing lean muscle
  14. Molly’s experience with identifying and managing the autoimmune condition Hashimoto’s (hypothyroidism)
  15. How can the community Girls Gone Strong be of support and service to the everyday woman?


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Where to find MOLLY GALBRAITH & GGS:

▪︎ GGS Website – https://www.girlsgonestrong.com 

▪︎ GGS Socials – InstagramFacebook & YouTube 

▪︎ Molly’s Website – https://mollygalbraith.com 

▪︎ Molly’s Socials – InstagramFacebook & Twitter 


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