#128: Fixed vs Growth Mindset – Do I Have Both? ~Bryn Jenkins

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This gets interesting! Bryn Jenkins joins us again, this time remotely, to explore and reflect on and how Fixed and Growth Mindsets manifest in the weal world, and how it’s unlikely you posses just one or the other. 

Perhaps over popularised now, many people are quick to label themselves as having a growth mindset – because they are taking some risks and learning. But, are they really growth minded? 

What started off as a discussion to define the two mindsets and then showcase our individual shifts from fixed to growth, became a conversation with more questions than answers. Our fixed mindset tendencies started to shine through… 

This is an important conversation, with lots of definition and education, but made real by exposing the multi dimensional realities of being human. Hopefully these stories and insights resonate, and also offer some inspiration.  

Here’s what we discuss

  1. Definition of Fixed & Growth Mindsets – including the official definitions by Carolyn Dweck
  2. How Fixed and Growth Minded Tendencies show up in people – with examples of both within Steve and Bryn
  3. “I’m Gifted”, “I’m not talented at X”. “I’m smart” – How these phrases could cause real problems. Are they even true?
  4. Steve and Bryn’s previous and/or current Fixed Mindset attitudes
  5. Can you have a Growth AND Fixed Mindset? – can you have both mindsets about the same thing in your life?
  6. Change you change your Fixed Mindset?
  7. The power of Belief, Self Awareness and shaping new Identities
  8. The connection between Fear and a Fixed Mindset
  9. “My child is bright & talented!” – what are the downsides of saying this? How to encourage a growth mindset?
  10. Music, Art, Sport & Public Speaking – are these areas reserved for those with genetic talents?
  11. Reaching your full potential and self-actualising – how passion and unique interests are the secret sauce
  12. Can you get World Class at anything you want to?
  13. Do you judge others with a Fixed Mindset? – are you projecting your negativity on the world?
  14. Can you change your strengths, weaknesses, and character traits?
  15. Is failing really failure? – how do growth minded individuals view failure?
  16. When “I Can’t” becomes “I Don’t Need To” – is a fixed mindset justify inaction and negative judgement of those succeeding?
Foxed versus Growth Mindset
A great comparison of the two mindsets from Carol Dweck’s Mindset book

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